Baggage Insurance: A Necessary Inclusion Under Travel Insurance


Baggage InsuranceWhether you are going on a trip or travelling for work, baggage is an important part of your journey as it contains all your trip essentials. And, if you lose your baggage, it might land you in trouble and obstruct your trip, costing a reasonable amount. However, if you get compensated for baggage loss or delay, it might help you tackle such challenging situations and continue your trip smoothly. This is where baggage insurance cover, a benefit under travel insurance, can be helpful.

As travelling is mostly a  rejuvenating experience, people plan to make the most of their trips and explore the maximum places possible. Besides, as it involves a lot of efforts and arrangements to plan a trip, no individual would want to have any obstacles during the trip. And facing an unfortunate event like baggage loss or delay would not only hamper your mood but will also result in unnecessary expenditure. Therefore baggage insurance cover under travel insurance has gained increased importance over time. 

Under travel insurance, baggage insurance helps travellers keep their accompanied baggage safe from theft or other unforeseen circumstances. Basically, the term ‘baggage’ refers to the traveller’s personal belongings that he/she carries with himself/herself while travelling.

Since a trip is highly dependent on your baggage, containing valuables and important things, such as important documents, etc., one cannot afford to lose it. Therefore, baggage insurance cover helps you stay covered against the loss or delay of baggage caused due to any of the reasons mentioned in your policy. 

While travelling via air, there are chances that you might lose your check-in baggage in the transit, as you don’t have access to the baggage. It is in your carrier company’s custody till you reach the destination. To keep up with such mishaps which are not in your control, it is important to buy a travel insurance policy inclusive of baggage insurance cover. It protects the check-in baggage and helps in reimbursing the losses upto a certain limit, subject to policy’s terms and conditions.

Necessary Conditions to Avail of Benefits Under Baggage Insurance Cover

  1. You can avail of baggage insurance cover benefit only on loss/delay of check-in baggage. As mentioned above, check-in baggage is the luggage, which complies with airline baggage regulations and is delivered to the airline during check-in. Thereafter, it is stored in an inaccessible area to the passenger while travelling. 
  2. The owner should accompany the check-in baggage. If just your luggage is being transported, it might not be covered under baggage insurance cover. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Baggage Delay/Loss Cover

  1. It is important to make a list of all the items present in your bag. This list is important when applying for a claim, as the insurer requires you to know the contents of your baggage before disbursing the claim.
  2. Choose your sum assured wisely, as, in case of a mishap, the compensation and benefits are highly dependent on the sum assured.
  3. Baggage insurance is not a standalone cover; rather, it is an in-built benefit of travel insurance. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your travel insurance provides appropriate baggage cover. 

To avail of such benefits, it is preferable to buy a travel insurance plan from a reliable insurance provider like TATA AIG. They offer customized insurance plans with lucrative benefits and favourable terms and conditions. You can read through the features, benefits and inclusions of different insurance plans on their website.  

Picking travel insurance with baggage cover included is a part of smart trip planning and helps you stay relaxed even during troublesome situations!

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