Beats Pill Review-Limited Edition: Is it the best?

Beats Pill, is one of the best budgeting portable Bluetooth speakers that you can have. This Bluetooth speaker is priced about $99 & is quite impressive as compared to its price. I have been using the Beats Pill Bluetooth speakers from last 2 years and found it as a best companion while outing. This portable, Bluetooth speaker looks like a capsule, hence it is called as “Pill”.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Small & Portable Low output
Decent battery life Gets distorted in high volume
You can charge your mobile device


Type Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Dimensions 1.8’ x 7.5’ x 1.8’ (H x W x D)
Battery Rechargeable
Playback Time: 8 hours
Connectivity Options 3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Color Available Black, White, Red, Nicki Pink, Blue, Gold

Built & Design: (9/10)

The Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker has an incredible design. The reason why it is called “Pill” is because of the pill, like design given to it. This comes in several different colors and you have wide options of colors. This Bluetooth speaker is light (10.9 and is easy to carry (That’s the reason why I have this along with me anywhere I go).

Beats PIll Review

The built quality of this speaker is pretty good. Beats have used rich material to build this speaker. The plastic rubber like material used at the back gives a very good grip on it. It has a beats branding on the front (on the Play & Pause button).

You have 3 connectivity options, through TF, Aux and Bluetooth. Apart from this the speaker support a 5V DC USB charger and once charged it support for 7 hours. The best in built quality and amazing texture becomes one reason of attraction to buy this speaker.

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Sound: (7/10)

A lot of reviewers say it has less bass, but I have personally found that the beats pill has a decent bass. In my earlier Beats Solo HD Review, I had said that the Beats Solo HD has a lot of bass and unfortunately on this Bluetooth Speaker they have managed to balance the Bass and Mid, which gives a clear sound (But on in less volume).

Beats Pill SOund

While I was testing this device at high volume from both the side (from the phone and the speaker) I found that it starts getting distorted. The distorting is merely noticeable. One of the problems that I found in this Bluetooth speaker has low output. It is strange that brand like beats have low output. But as compared to its size the output it throws is good enough for a small house party.

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Performance: (6.5/10)

I am quite disappointed with the overall performance of the Beats Pill. Following are the reasons:

  • It cuts out while I connect it my iPhone 4/4S.
  • Playing online videos on Bluetooth mode surprisingly buffers.
  • Have to restart every time when it finds more than 2 Bluetooth devices around it. And have to reconnect it to my device, but once done the problem gets solved.
  • The Audio mode gives more output as compared to the Bluetooth mode.

Battery performance of this speaker is amazing. The Overall sound quality of this speaker is decent and hence it is worth buying for the price.


The Beats pill has an impressive design, but few glitches give downfall to this audio device. The build quality is good, where the sound is quite decent as compared to the price range. I would recommend this speaker for those who just like to have a small house party with a group of 5 people.

How To Use Beats Pill:

Using beats pill is quite easy. Follow the steps to use it through Bluetooth.

  • Long press the power button to start the Bluetooth mode.
  • Once done switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device.
  • Search for the Bluetooth device on your device and connect it to Beats Bill.

Now you are good to go with your music. You can directly connect your device with the 3.5mm jack (universal jack) or TF (chip).

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