Benefits of 3x140mm AIO Cooling System

Benefits of 3x140mm AIO Cooling System
Benefits of 3x140mm AIO Cooling System

Overheating or slowing down the computer should alert you to a possible problem. You should pay attention to a warm or loud case and bugs during work. When noticed on time, possible issues can be easily prevented.

Symptoms of overheating are increased work of all fans or hot air coming out of the ventilation hole. With some devices, the temperature alarm sounds in the form of a siren. Some computers simply go off in the middle of a demanding operation.

Each component expected to work for a long time at maximum load requires additional cooling. Typical examples are graphics cards on gaming computers or loaded processors with calculations. They need extra coolers, preferably 3x140mm AIO, as this cooling system proved very good.

About 3x140mm AIO

The 3x140mm AIO water cooling solution can handle the most demanding CPU cycles. It’s a part of the product series that have been specifically built for the Intel/AMD CPUs. With three fans located on the front and two situated behind it, the radiator provides a good cooling capacity to all components inside the machine. The heat dissipation is extremely efficient thanks to the aluminum fins.

Modern water coolers have been developed to be compatible with the newer Intel/AMD processors. It means that you get the maximum performance out of your computer under full load, even though the processor may be running slower. You will notice that the CPU’s temperature will drop soon after the water cooler starts to work.

Great Airflow

The 3x140mm AIO is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-performance liquid cooling solution. It has been designed to optimize the temperature drop with an efficient low-profile 140mm radiator and three fans. That comes in handy when specific components are overheating inside the case.

Fans and radiators are capable of pulling large amounts of water from the system, which is extremely compact. It takes up as little space as possible. As the radiator is attached to the motherboard, there is a much greater airflow through the entire case. The graphics card will be running at optimum levels for longer. It will also work flawlessly with all of the latest processors available.

On the following source, you can find extra tips on lowering the computer’s temperature:

Suitable for Gamers

Suitable for Gamers

If you’re into gaming, you know that graphics cards may not work at their full potential if there are too many moving parts inside the computer. But with a water cooler, you should see an improvement in terms of stability. The increased amount of power available from a single cooling system means that games will load much faster. In turn, the playing experience will become more enjoyable.

Besides, the increased reliability is likely to provide extra benefits if you don’t use your computer just for games. But in that case, you will probably have suffered from the problems that can sometimes affect graphic cards and make them much more fragile.

That’s especially important if you need a computer for work. You may find it challenging to use a device that overheats every once in a while. The 3x140mm AIO will help you restore the system to normal as soon as the cooling turns on.

Great Value for Money

AIO water coolers will get a great return on the initial investment when you begin to reap the benefits for yourself. These systems are more cost-effective when compared to other alternatives such as air cooling.

If you’re into gaming, you’re probably used to the noise. But with water cooling, prepare for almost perfect silence. Most computers produce about 50dB of volume. These sounds aren’t too loud, but it’s not pleasant to listen to them every day for a few hours. AIO systems produce an average of about 30dB of volume. The aluminum blades reduce noise and the heat generated in the process.

Technology is advancing at an unstoppable pace. The devices or components you bought recently might become obsolete. Still, that doesn’t mean that your new computer should be replaced by a new model. This device will serve you well if you take care of it and pay attention to its ‘vital signs.’ A reliable cooling system will prevent most issues and bugs.

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