What are the Benefits of having a Dog Crate?

benefits of having a dog crate
benefits of having a dog crate

When dog crates appeared in the market, some people wondered if the idea was good. People’s mentality has greatly changed after discovering the diverse advantages of traveling with your dog and the benefits of the crates.

There are various benefits associated with dog crates, including;

  • Helping dogs and puppies to the toilet when outside the home compound.
  • Preventing damages on the personal property from the dogs when they are unsupervised
  • Ensuring the safety of your puppy and dog when there is no supervision
  • Helps with toilet training

Toilet training

Most puppies avoid messing their beds at all costs, hence making it easy to house train the puppy. When the puppy has been caged for a while, the puppy will oblige when taken to the toilet area. If the crate is too large, then the puppy may sleep on one side and wee on the other side. Also, when the puppy is looked at for a long time at a younger age, the bladder control is minimal, making it difficult to hold urine.

Buying dividers to install in the crate helps create more space for the puppy as it grows, and it helps save money from buying another crate later on.

Protecting personal possessions

Puppies and dogs destroy properties through chewing, displacing toys, urinating, and pooping anywhere. Providing the dogs with their own toys ensures that they minimize chewing cases on the children’s toys.

Crates are important as they keep the dogs caged, preventing any activities which destroy equipment in the house like furniture and shoes.

Puppies’ and dog’s safety is promised.

When a puppy or a dog chews on stuff, it actually puts its life in jeopardy apart from destroying your possessions. Crates help ensure they are prevented from poison, electrical shocks, and choking occurring from swallowing huge chunks of matter.

In busy homes, small puppies’ life is threatened from potential accidents like being stepped on. By buying a crate, you can ensure that your puppy’s life is protected from household chores. Additionally, you should consider purchasing pet insurance to protect your pet’s health in case of an emergency.

The family’s young ones barely understand that the puppies and dogs are exhausted, and crates make a perfect area to relax without being pushed around by the toddlers. People leave the dogs in the crate for too long, which is not advised.  When the crates are used effectively, they benefit both the dog and its owner.

Car crates

Dog owners benefit from purchasing a crate as they pose a danger to the vehicle’s interior within no time. It helps prevent the dog from being thrown all over the car if an accident occurs, and it enhances the owner’s safety from teeth biting from the dog when unloading or when driving.

How to select the right dog crate

  •         The size selected should accommodate the dog when sitting, standing, or turning, but it needs to be small to keep the dog secure. The general size of dog travel crates is six inches longer than the dog.
  •         Safety from the crate is important when traveling around with the dogs, and it should be enclosed securely to protect the dog from possible accidents.
  •         The crate chosen needs to have an easy setup process, including assembling, storing, and usage. If not, it won’t be easy to use the crate when the need arises.
  •         Choose a crate depending on the situation in which it is being used. For example, different crate types suit air travel, vehicle travel, and some work perfectly in both situations.

When traveling by car with a dog, ensure it is restrained within the car, and you can use travel crates or a dog seatbelt and ensure you purchase a product that the pet safety regulators have tested.

When air traveling animals are placed in the cargo area, it is usually scary, and some airlines have banned or stopped animal travel because of liability issues. In case one needs to travel with their dogs, use well-designed and durable crates, and it should meet the TSA’s travel guidelines before going to board that flight.

There are different traveling crates available in the market whenever needed.

The pet-mate sky kennel

It is designed for air travel and is crafted from durable plastic providing ventilation on all crate sides. It is very secure, made from recycled products making it environmentally friendly. It has identification labels, food areas, water cups, and it is super easy to assemble.

The Vario-cage dog travel crate

It is one unique crate designed to meet all the European crash tests and passed all the collision tests. The front door is secured with a well-designed key lock and is installed with a rubber carpet which is easy to clean. It has numerous ventilation, and its length is adjustable to fit the dog’s size.

The gunner-kennels dog crate

It is one tough crate made from two-walled and heavy-duty molded plastic. It has a five-star rating on car safety guidelines from the pet safety authority and handles dogs that way up to seventy-five pounds, making it the safest large traveling dog crate in the market.

The kennel crate is available in different sizes, all heavy-duty, including large, medium, intermediate, and small sizes. Also, accessories are purchased to improve the cage’s comfort, including dog beds, detachable fan, security locks, and safety traps.

Sleepy pod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

They give simplified access areas, an important feature for air travel for small dogs. Its design is foldable, offering flexibility that is demanded in air travel. The carrier colors available are several, and it is custom-made purposely for flights. It can be contracted to fit below the airline seats when landing or during take-off then expanded to expand room for the dogs during the flight time.

In conclusion, it is important to have dog carte carriers to improve the dog’s security during travel and household material protection when at home. Different retailers sell them on online and physical platforms like Amazon, and they can be shipped in different parts of the world. The traveling crates have a significant difference from the home crates as they have additional features that improve the dog’s security.

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