Best Accommodations in Scarborough Near Cape Town

Best Accommodations in Scarborough Near Cape Town
Best Accommodations in Scarborough Near Cape Town

Scarborough is situated South of Cape Town in South Africa. An environmentally conscious town with access to the Cape Peninsula and conserved wildlife reserves on all sides, Scarborough is a popular temporary housing destination for those looking to vacation in the busy cultural centers of Cape Town without staying in its expensive residential district. below in this article, we will cover the Best Accommodations in Scarborough Near Cape Town.

Whether you’re looking for modest or luxury accommodations, you need to do diligent research on the numerous options available to you for guest housing during your stay in Scarborough. Here are a few of the more interesting destinations.

Atlantic Dream Villa

The Atlantic Dream Villa is a peaceful beach retreat for guests who want to be within throwing distance of the busy Cape Town highlife, yet while retaining the comforts of home. 

Its short-let accommodations house up to ten guests, promising a relatively quiet experience during your stay. The common areas feature open fireplaces, game rooms, and swimming pools. Atlantic Dream boasts that it’s mere meters away from the beach, allowing you to wind down after a busy day in Cape Town with a romantic walk along the scenic Scarborough coast.

Atlantic Dream’s open-plan floors, sea views, game rooms, and fully equipped kitchens promise a combination of comfort and luxury during your stay in Scarborough. Set against the scenic mountains on one side and the sea on the other, it’s hard to go wrong. The Dream Villa promises to be your home-away-from-home Scarborough accommodation near Cape Town.

Villa Misty Cliffs

This exclusive conservation village near Scarborough is located in the famous Table Mountain National Park, a prominent flower reserve and scenic landmark. Misty Cliffs was built to take full advantage of the breathtaking ocean view and brags that whale sightings are common in the beautiful evenings you’ll spend on their open terraces.

Its terraces and open Jacuzzis give the Misty Cliffs a modern luxury feel, while a walk down to the Atlantic coast will reconnect you with this gorgeous stretch of scenery on the edge of Scarborough.

For exotic wildlife interaction, few accommodations near Cape Town boast the luxury and variety of Misty Cliffs. Boulder Beach is home to thousands of endangered African Penguins. Meanwhile, the villa hosts licensed shark cage diving and whale watching for those who want to engage with nature up close and personal, no matter how bold or scenic you want your vacation to be.

Within driving distance of Table Mountain and the Groot Constantia Wine Estate, which is the oldest in South Africa, Villa Misty Cliffs promises a diverse luxurious experience for the most adventurous vacationers.

The Burrow Homestay

The Burrow is one of the smallest options, a cozy communal guest house run by two brothers in the peace and quiet of Cape Point. They promise a relaxing, natural getaway between the mountains and the ocean, in and around the village of Scarborough.

Diverse wildlife – including baboons, penguins, and antelope – can be seen at the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve about ten minutes South of the homestay. The local flowers and marine life provide recreation and tranquility for guests looking for a home-away-from-home, work, phones, noise, and pollution.

The brothers, Joey and Sebastian, may not run the largest guest house. However, their website promises relaxation and communal comfort in the beauty of Scarborough’s natural landscape.

Synergy Treehouse

For the ultimate environmentally conscious getaway, Synergy Treehouse boasts of being the place “where wild nature meets absolute tranquility.” These green accommodations strive to be both hospitable and decadent even while maintaining conservation outreach programs with the surrounding area.

Synergy Treehouse promises a restorative vacation on its privately-owned land situated in the heart of Scarborough’s vibrant natural wonders. The modern, yet rugged treehouse-style ensures that whether you’re staying in the village or mountain suites, Synergy will reconnect you with nature as few guest homes can.

The Takeaway

The small village of Scarborough is a unique natural wonder. Situated between the mountains and sea, it is a convergence of many continents’ worth of flora, fauna, and scenic locations.

Its gorgeous wineries and botanical gardens will satisfy any nature lover. Its flocks of penguins and frequent whale sightings make it ideal for those looking for a more scenic experience. Within walking distance of the coast, the busy cultural center of Cape Town, and the wildlife reserves in the surrounding area, Scarborough is a perfect low-key vacation destination for adventurous travelers.

While you stay there, make sure you find the best available accommodations. The variety of guest houses – from lax to luxurious – ensure that no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking to take, Scarborough has it in store for you.

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