Best AI Based Tools and Gadgets of All Time


Best AI Based Tools and Gadgets of All Time

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AI is considered as one of the core and transformative ways which have compelled mankind to rethink about ways they get things done in their lives. The transformation has created many opportunities in our daily lives and has helped to make changes in our lifestyle. This change has impacted human lives so much that people today prefer having a personal digital assistant that can help them wake up in the morning, gets them about their fitness and fitness routine, look after their kids and pets when they are not home and send notifications if there is a suspicious movement in the house. AI takes care of everything. 

To get this done, you can connect your security, fitness or any device that allows syncing your devices to the internet and use a fast and reliable internet connection that fits your budget. You can look for a reliable and affordable internet connection offered by Spectrum internet plans and use any of the following gadgets to make your life easier:


Mycroft brings the power of AI to your home and helps you manage your daily tasks. Mycroft looks more like a clever and cute device that responds to spoken commands and communicates with other devices. You can get done with simple tasks like waking up in the morning with a personalized message along with a weather check. Mycroft has everything covered for you. 

The Mycroft is based on the Raspberry Pi 2 that helps you develop and use customized features and share them with the Mycroft community. The Mycroft does not follow any command until it hears its name. You can command Mycroft to play your favorite music, watch a TV show that you like and even go through your daily schedule and appointments. If you are using multiple devices you can communicate with other people in your family using the speakerphone feature. The multi-platform model capability allows Mycroft to get integrated in a seamless way.

Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo Welcome security camera is capable of recognizing your face and spot differences between you, your kids and any unwelcome intruder who is looking for a clean opportunity to break into your premises and commit a crime. The recognition mechanism relies on AI machine learning and recognizes faces from different angles or from any direction. 

Netatmo Welcome’s capacity to pick out faces and recognize them takes things to a whole new level. It makes standard motion detection that you might come across seem like a thing of the past. Standard motion detection might get you a few false positives if there is a shadow passing by the room or when you have a pet wander off by your room. The Netatmo Welcome security camera alerts you if it spots your kids or if you want to know if an elderly member of the family has come back home or not. 

Besides the AI capacity the camera has, it can also respond to alarms installed in your home including smoke detectors or CO2 detectors installed in your home. It stores the videos locally or uses cloud storage to keep your recorded footage safe using different easy and simple to use applications. You can use these apps can be used using the web, Android phones and on iOS as well and tune into a live video whenever you want to. Apart from the push alerts, you get informed if something important has happened when you are not watching. 

BACtrack Skyn

This is the first wearable alcohol monitor in the world. It is reinventing the way people keep track of their alcohol consumption. You can integrate Skyn into your Apple Watch band or you can wear this as a standalone wearable gadget that is capable of tracking your alcohol level and give out real-time results. When you are consuming alcohol in a bar or at a party you forget to think about what is going to take a while for that last drink to hit your system. This is where the app will let you know about your condition and reminds you when you have to slow down or stop consuming any more shots. Skyn uses the small amounts of alcohol molecules that get excreted through your skin. A proprietary algorithm calculates the estimated blood alcohol content and gives out its findings. The tool is really helpful for people who are looking for a rehab for alcohol consumption and a healthy lifestyle.


The use of AI-based gadgets and other smart devices is not part of Sci-fi movies or stories anymore. Many gadgets use artificial intelligence and help you get control of appliances in your home or office. All in all, AI and other related technologies have made management and handling of daily tasks less tiring, less time-consuming, and more convenient for people in the digital era of today. 

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