Best AnyDesk Alternative – Websites & Platforms Like AnyDesk To Use in 2020


Best AnyDesk Alternative

AnyDesk has been one of the leading remote access platform that allows developers, designers, and other industry experts to access a system remotely. In fact, it has become so popular that it has already made its name in the mobile remote access apps. Similarly, there are some amazing applications online that give a tough fight to AnyDesk. Therefore, you must know some of the Best AnyDesk Alternative you can find online.

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Best AnyDesk Alternative 2020

Below, you will find the list of Similar websites & applications like AnyDesk. To make things simple, we are not giving you dozens of lists. In fact, we are going to give you some best remote access apps that we have tested so far. Trust me, we have tested more than 8 Remote access applications.

TeamViewer – AnyDesk Alternative 

TeamViewer - AnyDesk Alternative

This name, “TeamViewer” plays a vital role in the Remote access application. In fact, they are the Pioneers who introduced this. They have evolved like a warrior in this industry. Now, they have features like 4K Remote Desktop Access and more. They also have a paid plan starts for Rs1,350 (Last Price update: 11 Feb 2020) & is worth it if you regularly need this application.

During our experience, TeamViewer has been a great tool that’s worth paying for. But, if you need Team viewer for Free then you can try their free application names as Tensor and Pilot. 

Ammy Admin – AnyDesk Alternative 

Ammy Admin-AnyDesk-Alternative

Ammy Admin is another free remote access platform like TeamViewer and AnyDesk. This is another known platform that has been used by more than 80M users. Similar to other remote access platforms, Ammy does have a paid subscriptions. The only difference here is that the subscription that you buy is for a lifetime.

This is the best Remote access platform for those who have a startup or a big business that has a team of minimum 15 to Maximum 500.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop - Alternative for AnyDesk

Chrome Remote Desktop as emerged as one of the most trusted Remote Access Platform as it has the Google Tag. The cool thing is that you can use this application to remote access your tablet, smartphone along with your laptop & Desktop. During our experience, we have found this working seamlessly. This can soon be one of the best remote access applications for PC and mobile devices.

Ultra VNC – AnyDesk Alternative 

Similar to the applications mentioned above, it is another alternative for AnyDesk. Their RFB protocol to access Desktop PC remotely. This application was quite popular in the years 2014 and 2017. Since the end of Nov 2019, the applications popularity has gone down.

Overall, this is a well-featured application but has to go through some design changes to make their complex setting easy. We hope that the upcoming update might improve it.

All the listed above are some of the best AnyDesk Alternatives you can find. There are many other applications but are no more close to the application mentioned above.

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