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Smart Home Gadget

We are in the era of Digitalization and in this era, it is really hard to physically perform all the work. This creates a need for technology and innovations that make everything possible to manage at your fingertips. This brings us to give you some information on some cool gadgets that you must need in house. Check below the list of Home cool gadgets that you would need.

If you have any special request on Cool Home Gadgets, let us know, we will make sure to help you out. Also, the list mention below is to modernize your house.

Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger cum UV Cleaner

As per the reports of 2019, people use their smartphones for more than 6 hours daily. In fact, 90% of your work is done on your smartphone. Therefore, the possibility for your smartphone to get contaminated is high.

Lexon Oblio Wireless - Cool Home Gadget

The only time you are away from the smartphone is during its charging time. So, here we have a cool gadget for the smartphone. This is called Lexon Oblio. This device costs for $80 and can charge as well as UV clean your phone so that it does not contaminate any disease or virus. If I look at this, this is quite a good device for those who like to be hygienic.

Smart Light System

If you are looking for a smart and digital house, then what would be better than a smart light system. In fact, you have a lot of options available online. All you need to do is need a kit that can manage smart lights.

Smart Light System - Cool Home Gadgets

Rest all you can manage it from the app. Also, this one receiver/tool can manage all the smart gadgets available at your place. In fact, with around $200 you can easily convert your house into a smart house.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock - Smart Home Gadget

If you really want your home secure, then you will need a door that can only be opened by you. This can only be achieved if you have a fingerprint door. If you thinking about having that, then there are many options that you can have.

Wi-Fi Range Extender 

Wi-Fi Range Extender - Smart Home Gadget

Wi-Fi is what everything uses, but when you go from one room to another, you will witness a drop in the connection range. That is where you need a Wi-Fi Range extender. With the help of this Ei-Fi Range Extender, you can achieve the same speed no matter which room you stay.

iRobot Vaccum Cleaner

As everything is automatic now, why not have a cleaner that works easily for you. There are several automatic robotic cleaner that you can have. All you have to do it switch it on. That robotic vacuum cleaner sensor looks after your space and also makes sure that everything is cleaned on the floor.

These are some of the top gadgets that will make your house cool. Do make sure that you have all the devices that make your home cool & automatic. I’ve also recently come across this awesome buying guide which reviews a variety of awesome tech gadgets that you may also be interested in from Giftwits. Check it out here. If there are any other gadgets that you wish to know about, let us know about its description below. We will make sure to find it for you.

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