Best Five-Star Hotels in Semarang


Best Five-Star Hotels

Once in a while, it is important to take a break from work to decompress. Possibly this is the main reason why most jobs allow employees to take a month’s leave in the first place. However, you wouldn’t want to lose your precious leave in some boring places.

“Which are the best five-star hotels in Semarang?” This has been one of the many questions that have been hitting my inbox for some time now. Well, Semarang is a beautiful place to be but a luxurious five-star hotel would be perfect to seal your visit to this magnificent city in Indonesia.

Being the capital and the largest city of Central Java province in Indonesia, Semarang is filled with the diverse cultures of the Chinese, Indian Arabs, and European cultures. Filled with ancient sites, and beautiful sceneries, Semarang has grown to be among the top tourist-attracting cities.

The above factors had seen to it the development of Semarang, a major development being upcoming of many luxurious hotels. But before we get into that, what can you do in Semarang?

Things to do in Semarang

  • visiting Blenduk Church
  • going to Gedung Bantu Temple
  • visiting Lawang Sewu
  • visiting China Town for the best lumpia
  • going to Waoreng Semawis night market for local delicacies and drinks.

Top 10 Five-star hotels in Semarang

  1. PO Hotel Semarang
  2. Hotel Ciputra Semarang
  3. Grand Candi Hotel
  4. Louise Kienne Hotel Pandanaran
  5. Golden City Hotel and Convention Centre
  6. Aston inn Pandanaran
  7. Gumaya Tower Hotel
  8. Novotel Semarang Hotel
  9. Hotel Santika Premiere Hotel
  10. Harris Hotel SentraLand

Best Five-Star Hotels

Final thoughts

Best vacations come along with the best hotel services. Choosing a five-star hotel during your vacation would be more than enough to appreciate yourself for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. For this key factor, Semarang has luxurious five-star hotels to suit your needs, making your stay in this colorful city memorable.

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