Best Free Parental Control Apps For Android


Today in this modern era, children have great access to technology. Our generation spends most of their time using technology from either smartphones, computers, or tablets. Kids like to Play new games time to time and Many kids started to develop games on multiple platforms. On of those platforms where Kids can play and deveop games on Roblox. 

Internet connection is almost available in every home and many kids are busy using the internet. Undoubtedly, there are many advantages of using the internet but not everything there seems to be pleasure-seeking and right. For kids, there may a lot of pleasure-seeking things, but they may be wrong for them and distract children from learning the good and doing right. below in this article, we will cover the Best Free Parental Control For Android Apps.

It is the parent responsibility to check out if the child is not in communication with the wrong people and is not making use of websites that are harmful to their brains. If you are busy enough and cannot be with your child 24/7, the best-suggested option is to make use of a parental control app that will help maintain control over them and keeping an eye on all their activities. Making use of the following apps will give you full access over your child’s mobile and you can block various adult websites and any junk website from their mobiles. Some parental control apps can be used in two phones at any time. With the help of the FamiSafe, you can also find out your child’s location.

Best parental control apps

1. Kids Place app

This app is very helpful at the time when kids take your phone for their use. After logging into this app, your data will be safe from your children. They won’t be allowed to use this app, further restricting the functions that are not to be performed on your mobile. One can also block the system of calling and messaging as well as downloading of any application without asking for your permission. You can also impose restrictions on calls and this app can be used in a child’s mobile also.

2. Screen time and location tracker app 

It is a very useful app to track your children. This app allows you to check which app your child has opened or which app he is using at this time. With the help of this app, you get a notification if your child tries to download an app on his phone. You can also see those websites which are visited by your child. You can also check their search history and those apps which are visited mostly. With the location tracker, you are well- informed about your children.

3. Nintendo app

Undoubtedly, every child likes to play games and it is not really a bad habit until done for a specific time. But playing games all the time can give a negative impact on their studies. It can also affect their good sleep especially if the games are being played late at night. With the use of Nintendo app, you can also check how many hours your children play the games. You can also monitor the games and make them stay away from those adultery games. It is a free and comprises no ads. You can also impose purchase restriction which keeps your wallet safe.

4. Qustodio app

The app is very useful for the flexible features it carries. You can set limits on the usage of games and apps. Hence, making your children limit its’ use. You can easily monitor your child’s activity and this application also gives an accurate report about that. The app does not provide access to inappropriate content. If you have an iPhone and your child uses an android phone then this app can also be used.


Yeah! You are thinking right. It is an app that locks the application of the phone. It provides complete security. By using app lock, you can lock any app which you want so that your kid could not open such apps. You can lock your gallery, messages, contacts, and settings as well. In this way, you can stop your kids from changing your mobile settings.

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Using the above apps, you can protect your children from the wrong use of mobile phones. All the apps are well -designed and are very helpful. You can keep an eye on them any time and can also check their old searches and the purpose of using mobile. So in which app you are interested? Never forget to tell us in the comment section as below!

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