Best Rocket League Controls And Settings

Best Rocket League Controls And Settings
Best Rocket League Controls And Settings

Rocket League

Over the past few years, Rocket League has seen explosive growth. Especially in the last few months as active players’ number has increased exponentially. The rocket-powered car soccer game has welcomed new and old players onto the virtual pitch, ever since the game went free-to-play on the Epic store.

If you don’t know what you’re specifically trying to change or what the settings mean then the control and camera settings can come off as a little overwhelming at times. Some players know for the longest time as they avoided all the settings when they were new players and when they finally made some changes everything felt completely different, in a good way but it took some time to again settle down with the new controls. 

In this article, you will see some advice on setting up controls and settings so that you can get the best feel for the game, be more comfortable, and hopefully play better.

Controls And Settings Guide

The first thing that you set up as a new player to start immediately building muscle memory with are the controls of Rocket League. As a gamer, you should know that there’s no “right” or “wrong” control set-up as every player has his own style of play, but here are some ideas as to what could work for you and what you should add that isn’t set up by default to make your game more professional and flawless.

The air roll should be set to a button somewhere so that you can roll your car while mid-air to land on your wheels to recover quicker. If you use an Xbox controller, you have to set it to the left bumper which can also happen to be your powerslide button. The same powerslide and air roll button are quite common because you can only use powerslide while on the ground and can only air roll while you are in the air so both have different use in different scenarios. In this way, you can avoid having to waste another button on something that you don’t need to. Some people still have them bound to separate buttons though, so it is whatever you’re most comfortable with. 

It is worth noting that ViolentPanda has an air roll set to the left bumper but powerslide is the X button for him, on the other hand, Turbopolsa has both set to the Square button. We’ve also seen that Turbopolsa also uses R1 for air roll right.

The boost button should be one you’re using a lot, so make sure it is comfortable for you to boost and at the same time you’ll be able to jump. Some people map their boost to a bumper button to be able to easily press it while jumping. Turbopolsa has a boost at L1 and jumps whereas ViolentPanda has a boost at A and jumps as B.

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