Best Tips to Pique the Interest of Your First-time Website Visitors 

Best Tips to Pique the Interest of Your First-time Website Visitors
Best Tips to Pique the Interest of Your First-time Website Visitors

When you have a business website, it’s essential to attract first-time visitors apart from your existing audience. You will need to find ways to drive traffic and impress new visitors. You have an attractive website design and informative content but sans quality traffic, all your SEO efforts will go down the waste. Do not ignore your new visitors because traffic is the asset of your business website. It will help you to promote your products or services to these new visitors when they become your loyal customers. Then, you need to feed them with high-quality content and reinforce your brand image. below in this article, we will cover the Best Tips to Pique the Interest of Your First-time Website Visitors.

According to an article published on, you can attract visitors with catchy website titles, especially in organic search. A lengthy and drab title will be ignored, directing traffic to your competitor websites. However, a smart, catchy title will help in driving organic as well as social traffic you want to target. Here are some of the best tips to attract the attention of your first-time website visitors: 

Make your landing page interesting and relevant 

When you build the creative content and message for landing page, you need to understand how a visitor got there and why they clicked on a link that directed them to the page. There are many answers to these questions. If we answer the why, it is important to check the product cost, learn more, view evidence, and check accessibility, and the usefulness of the products or services to meet the precise needs of first-time visitors. 

It is important to bear in mind that part of the creative content or copy in the referral source such as email, ad, Meta description, or link comes with a promise. The expectation of realizing that the promise is met led to the click. It makes the visitor land on your landing page to understand whether the promise is met or not. 

Review the referral source and make a note of the promises made. You also need to analyze the landing page and ensure it delivers every promise made before the click. Again, if the referral source overpromises or under delivers, you need to fix these problems. Make the purpose of your landing page clear so that first-time visitors come to your business website. 

Display things the right way 

Though it may seem obvious, it is important. Your first-time visitors will feel happy if you lessen friction. They’ll be delighted when you eliminate friction. 

Stop worrying if a web page is not displaying appropriately on say, an iPhone 4 that was released back in 2010. It means that the phone user needs an upgrade. It means once a user starts using the latest iPhone version, the web page will show accurately. These little things matter when it comes to the display of your web page on various devices. You can look up platforms such as or similar ones to learn more about how you can boost your website traffic. 

Reassure your first-time website visitors

Imagine a situation when you clicked on a URL, landed on a web page, and realized that you have visited the wrong website. You will feel bad and leave that site. The same thing applies to your first-time visitors. Try to place yourself in the customer’s shoes. 

Moreover, you did not at once realize why you thought you wanted to visit that site or the website appeared unclear. Possibilities are there that your visitors will not feel happy if they did not find the information on your website and therefore, will not stay long on that web page. 

On the other aspect, there was most likely one more time when you clicked on a URL of a web page you never visited previously and you at once realized that you landed on the right web page. The specific page contained what you want to see or read. Here are some of the rules to follow: 

  • Make sure your website does not look unclear or irrelevant. 
  • Focus on visitor intent, what they want. 
  • Communicate in a direct way to what your first-time visitors would like to accomplish by viewing your product or service.
  • Include the major trust elements on your web page such as reviews, testimonials, privacy links, history, and of course security. 
  • No or minimum pop-ups, which annoy your visitors.

Focus on the visitor’s emotional requirements first 

There are numerous marketing professionals, who promote the importance of focusing on the emotional needs of the visitors, and not their rational reasoning. You can deal with the rational part later. 

It means you need to focus on both the emotional and rational parts of the brain, but emotional first. The fundamental components that make an impact on your web page are the headline, photos, initial 10 seconds of a page video, and all these help in triggering visitor emotion. Once you successfully achieve this goal, your visitors will think rationally and see your sales pitch. 

For instance, you have a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps car-servicing shops provide simple and precise online auto servicing scheduling. You will face two key problems every car repair shops face. These are: 

Letting your customers know when there is accessibility instead of making a resource stuck on the phone and making consumers wait for several minutes on the phone.

  • Allowing your customers to set a service schedule with ease and effortlessly.
  • Once such emotions are stirred, next your web page visitor will be interested to learn more. 

It means that the rational part of your first-time visitors will now focus and take some action. 


Before you design a website or a landing page, you need to answer a couple of questions. The reason why a visitor is on your web page, what they look for on that page, what should you provide to make your first-time visitors believe that have landed on a website they want after landing on a page. Then, you have these tips to attract the attention of your first-time visitors on your website. 

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