Best Ways to Supercharge Your Huawei Smartphone

Huawei Smartphone
Huawei Smartphone

At the start of 2019 analysts had pinned Chinese tech giant Huawei to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. However, both 2019 and 2020 have been troubling years for the firm. In May last year, the Trump administration, concerned with Huawei’s business practices, placed the company on the notorious Entity List, meaning it was unable to do business with any organization operating in the United States. This embargo meant that companies like Google, Intel, and Qualcomm were off-limits to Huawei, resulting in an immediate need to revamp how it produces and launches new devices.

The cynical outlook of the Trump administration caused ripples around the world for Huawei, with many nations who had previously relied on the company for wireless communication hardware placing bans on the firm tendering for new business, particularly that related to the rollout of 5G. Despite these considerable roadblocks, in the second quarter of 2020 Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices. Although this was down on the previous year it still made them the biggest global player, taking over Samsung and Apple for the first time. 70% of these sales were in mainland China, causing analysts to cast doubt over whether this growth is sustainable.

Whether they purchase pre or post embargo, there is still a great deal of Huawei device owners around the globe, including a considerable number in Europe. The latest device, the Mate 30E Pro, featuring a 40MP rear camera and a 6.5-inch display, is a formidable opponent to even the most recent releases from Apple and Samsung. However, with no certainty on what the future looks like for Huawei, users may want to supercharge their devices before selling up or get the most out of them before further issues arise.

Clear your cache 

Whether on a laptop or mobile device, the cache takes up precious storage space. I recently recovered a seemingly ‘dead’ Macbook simply by emptying the clogged cache. Though it can create problems, the cache plays a crucial role in functionality. Whenever you use an app on your device, that app creates a cache file, that cache remembers your preferences and makes using the app more personalized and user-friendly. By clearing your device’s cache, redundant data temporarily stored is removed and your device speed increased.

The method for clearing the cache may differ from device to device, but a simple Google research for your particular handset will return simple instructions.

Unlock your device 

One of the best ways to supercharge your smartphone is to Unlock Huawei devices. There’s a whole host of benefits to unlocking your device, all maximize the value you get from it. Unlocked devices are easier to travel with, they provide easy access to local SIM-only deals and means you avoid roaming charges and use your device as normal. They also sell for 20-30% more than locked devices, meaning when you want to swap your device you can sell quickly and receive more money toward your new device. Usage deals on locked devices are often more expensive than SIM-only deals, unlocking your device gives you access to a huge market of cheap SIM-only deals, saving you money every month.

DirectUnlocks have been unlocking devices for well over a decade, they’re quick, reliable, and trustworthy. They will unlock your device from the comfort of your home, often in 24 hours. 

Factory reset

When all else seems lost and your device is running slower than ever, the best method to restore functionality may be a factory reset. Also known as a ‘master reset’, the factory reset restores your device to its original settings, as if it had just come out of the factory. It’s important to save a backup of your device before performing a reset like this to avoid losing important data.

The method for factory reset may differ from device to device, but a simple Google research for your particular handset will return simple instructions.

Whether you’re still tempted by the performance and functionality of a Huawei device and want to get the most out of that new device, or if you’re concerned about the company’s future, want to sell your current mobile, but know you need to improve its performance to make it more saleable first. Unlocking your device, clearing the cache, and performing a factory reset will help you achieve your goals.

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