Bugful Of Pixel 2 – Google Assistant Can’t Run When Bluetooth Headset Is Connected


Sometime they forget to install OS on their phone & sometime they add a secret menu button. Since its launch Google Pixel 2 series is full of bugs that we see coming everyday. This problem was first spotted in October in Google forum, where a user had an issue operating Google Assistant on a bluetooth headset & this problem was then fetched by Android Police & then TheVerg.

This was nothing but a bug that was detected later in which, what really happens is; When you turns on a bluetooth headset & connect on  Google Pixel 2, the microphone tend to go mute and hence speech/command couldn’t get delivered to Google Assistance.

This is undoubtedly one of the major issues found in Google Pixel 2, but there is no response from the Google team. We do believe that Google might be working to resolve it & might come in next system update, but since October we haven’t heard back from Google. Bugs like this will really bring the hype of the Google Pixel 2 down, which will later be converted into trust issues on Google phone.

If you are one of the users facing the same issue, you can register it in the Google Pixel communty forum so that you know if the issue is been solved. With Google Pixel 2/2XL it is a great disappointment (part from camera).




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