Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Gaming PC

Buying A Gaming PC
Buying A Gaming PC

Most people with more money used to buy gaming PC, but now the whole scenario has changed. Prices have been reduced to such an extent that building your own doesn’t save as much as earlier they do. But before you whip out your money, here are few things you should consider that prebuilt is better for you.

Things To Do With A Gaming PC

You can play videogames and do many other things. Hardcore hardware running a hardcore game has become the face of gaming PC. Most top-level gamers and esports pros prefer to play on a gaming PC as it offers more precision, more fidelity, and less time lag.

Gaming companies have finally realized that they can sell more games by making them easy for newcomers to understand. Barriers to entry are getting lower. It’s a great time to dip your toe into the multiplayer games because many competitive games are made free or providing free trials. Before buying a gaming PC, the first sort which games you like to play and were they available for free or less money. Eventually, everything has landed on PC, except Nintendo games.

Gaming PCs are reliable for home offices also. Moreover, with the help of peripherals, your setup will become nicer than your actual office supplies.

A Gaming PC Or Building One?

Building a gaming PC is quite cheaper, and you can get a better feature. For this, you need to do a lot of research, for example – research on which video card can really maximize the settings on the games you want to play and deciding which LED color will match your gaming chair. If all of that sounds perfect for you, and you don’t have an issue with spending your time and energy, you should absolutely go for it.

Few Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Build Our Own Gaming PC:

  • Teaches us the responsibility
  • Allows for easier upgrades
  • Cost-efficient
  • Superior Cooling System
  • Eliminates the problem of bloatware
  • Give a better warranty
  • Allows us to choose the best Operating System

On the other hand, buying a gaming PC from Gaming Store in Dubai has its own benefit. It has the same advantage as buying any item over a DIY version. You get on what you pay for, and you get additional features like support if your machine runs into problems, replacements in case any component comes in the defective or broken state, and of course, you save all the time and energy which you would have spent if you have opted for building your PC option.

If you are willing to pay the cost, ensure that you are doing it to save energy and time.

What Should I Buy?

Earlier buying gaming PCs used to be very expensive. That has changed now. The price of the whole PC has become in line with component prices.

A gaming laptop can convert any desk into a battle station when combined with the right peripherals—a quick and responsive mouse, a good headset, and a mechanical keyboard. But choosing a gaming desktop is quite challenging. Some of the best gaming PC which you consider while buying is-

  1. Alienware Aurora R11: Alienware is a unique gaming laptop with unbeatable performance. This computer provides reliable build quality, amazing customer service, and warranties. It has a compact design. Alienware has improved its version by offering RTX 30-series, giving the simplest path into the Ampere series.
  2. Corsair One i164: The Corsair One i164 is an upgraded version of prebuilt gaming PCs. It’s the best compact form gaming laptop with enhanced hardware, renovated internal layout, and a few other modifications. Few outstanding features which make this PC worthy are – incredible performance, refined looks, and a slim, minimalist footprint.
  3. Alienware Aurora R10: AMD gaming laptop is better than Alienware Aurora R11 due to its red side of the CPU divide. It has an outstanding chip in terms of both gaming and productivity. It is considered special because they have the potential of 16-core, 32-thread chips, and a GPU of Nvidia RTX 3080.
  4. MSI Trident 3 10th: It is the best compact form gaming PC. It is designed in integrated form with 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10700 and MSI GeForce RTX 2060. It offers RAM of 64GB. This gaming laptop is more cost-efficient as compared with equivalent hardware offered by competitors.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Gaming PC

Peripherals are part of gaming PC. That includes a mouse, keyboard, headsets, chairs, microphones, ethernet cables, and webcams as per your taste. And thankfully, there are more alternatives than black hardware with green glowing LED lights.


A gaming PC is the best tool for editing videos, typing documents, or playing the latest games. By paying a price premium, you can easily get perks, such as support, warranties, additional features, and discounts by buying a prebuilt PC.