Everything You Should Know Before Buying Graco Spray Rigs

Buying Graco Spray Rigs
Buying Graco Spray Rigs

People, who have recently started their venture of a spray polyurethane foam insulation company or have been running their venture for a while, definitely require the spray foam insulation equipment. It’s impossible to conduct its business operation without having the ideal and portable spray rigs.

The fact is that every skilled contractor prefers Graco spray rigs when it comes to buying the spraying machine. It’s believed that Graco has the industry-standard and finest performing spraying equipment in today’s market. So, even from the low-level project to the heavy-duty project, Graco offers a wide variety of industrial applications.

However, a lot of people wonder whether they need a spray insulation rig or not. Well, using a spray insulation rig is the easiest way to boost an insulation business. An industry-standard Graco spray rig will monitor the temperature surrounding the chemical materials and preserve the optimum temperature of the isolation goods.

The best part of using Graco spray rigs is that it meets the realistic requirements of the business. It has exceeded the expectation and provided the best quality. Let’s dig a little deeper into the history of this brand:

The history of Graco: 

1926 was the golden year when Graco began its journey as a gray company. It started manufacturing all the portable air-powered lubricators to enhance the grease guns’ performance. From this very beginning, it has been meeting the realistic needs of customers consistently. So, when people buy Graco spray rigs, it offers the best quality and support for all kinds of applications. However, one must choose a reliable supplier for buying any of these spray foam equipment. It’s because it takes regular maintenance and cleaning of a spray foam equipment to keep up its performance.

Later, it started to produce excellent and dependable solutions for every individual sector. Today, in the spray foam industry, Graco is one of the best brands. The best part of this brand is that it has continuously modernised its equipment to bring innovation to these spray foam equipment.

After all, in today’s digital age, an SPF contractor’s need is a bit different from what it was a decade ago. Graco has been the source of supplying compatible spray foam equipment that offers real-time temperature reading, SPF volume reading, and pressure reading. In some of the equipment, there’s a wireless system to track the location of the machine. Operators can instantly find out where their machine is.

Why should you choose Graco for your SPF equipment?

Well, Graco spray rigs are not only convenient but also make applying the spray foam faster than any other sprayer. It’s because Graco has been using some excellent technology to enhance their product’s performance. Let’s take a look  at this technology,

  • ProConnect technology: To help contractors reduce their downtime, Graco has a ProConnect technology integrated with their spray foam gun. It helps contractors to rebuild faster. It’s a time-saving technology that makes their products stand apart from the rest.
  • The ratio assurance technology: Graco’s products are also equipped with this system called ratio assurance technology. This addresses several problems of off-ratio spraying. After all, SPF requires the exact proportion and chemical reaction to work efficiently. This system helps make sure the ratio and other conditions are applied properly and instantly troubleshoot the issues.

How should you buy a Graco Spray Rig?

The spray foam industry is certainly challenging and competitive. There are different types of insulation available for residential and commercial places. To stay above the peers, one needs high-quality spray rigs to keep their business run smoothly. So, buying the best performing Graco spray rigs becomes essential. Unfortunately, many people tend to make mistakes when it comes to buying a spray rig and suffer later. So, let’s take a few tips below to have a guiding thread in the buying process.

  • Define your requirements

Every company has different requirements when it comes to SPF equipment. It largely depends on the project’s size. So, one must evaluate their workflow, finances, and business operations to understand the type of equipment they need. After all, the spray rig must meet the current demand of your workers. As the business grows, people must upgrade their equipment to offer better and reliable performance. 

  • Consider the type of the machine 

There are a wide variety of spray foam machines available to conduct the different types of industrial operations. People must choose the powerful spray rig, outfitted with the best technology. Generally, there are three types of machines available: the air-driven, hydraulic, and the mid-output machine. The hydraulic offers more power than the other two. So, it’s best suited for large scale industrial projects.

  • Buy the accessories 

Well, it’s not just the spray rigs that one needs before visiting a job site. There are other requisite accessories that businesses must buy before starting their project. Otherwise, it will be a disaster if there’s a shortage of equipment in the midst of the project. To make sure the job runs smoothly and troubleshoot any issues, one must keep all the accessories and parts handy.