One piece episode 853

One Piece Episode 853 Release Date Confirmed

One Piece Episode 853 will be one interesting chapter to watch. We will be seeing a battle between Luffy And Katakuri & are also expecting to see Big Mom V/S Jimbei. We already have discussed what we can expect on this...
One Punch Man Manga 96

One Punch Man Chapter 96 – Flashy Flash Real Form

Chapter: One Punch Man Chapter 96Release Date: 21- SeptemberOne Punch man manga chapter 95 has blown our mind, seeing Flashy Flash in action. We were all expecting to see King & Saitama in this chapter, but it seems like...
Boruto Episode 73 New charachters

Two New Ninjas Characters To Appears In Boruto Episode 73

Boruto Episode 73: “The other side of the moon”Release Date: 13-SeptMitsuki's arc is getting interesting. Episode 72 leave a lot of things for us to talk about. In the beginning  of the Episode we saw how two Leaf Ninja's...

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