Business Tips: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hosted PBX Provider


Almost every company has a business phone system installed for telecommunication purposes. However, as we continue to progress, so does our technology, including our telecommunication system. Recently, there has been an emerging device introduced to the public called hosted PBX, and it has been gaining a lot of recognition in the world of business.

In layman’s terms, a hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a system of switching telephones by an outside provider over a network in the cloud. Since it is cloud-based, telecommunication entirely happens on the internet. This means there’s no need for installation, wiring, and hardware services. Also, maintenance won’t be an issue. 

If you’re not much of a tech-savvy, hosted PBX may sound intimidating and a lot of work set up, but in actuality, it’s relatively easy to use. However, despite its extreme convenience, there are a few things you should know when choosing a hosted PBX provider. Here are some factors to consider so that your chosen telecom provider will be able to meet your needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

Every business institution has different needs, funds, and goals, which means money is allocated for a specific purpose. Hence, it is important to know the service cost of a telecom provider since not all businesses can afford to spend a large amount of money on a new business phone system.

However, some telecom providers have inclusion plans available. They can offer a more affordable hosted pbx for business purposes, saving the company from overspending its budget. You can talk to your chosen provider to cater to your needs and might grant an affordable offer for your company.

Are International Calls Offered? 

Some businesses are recognized internationally and have partners across the world. If your company frequently makes international communication, be sure to know if your chosen telecom provider offers long distance calls and at what rate since these calls can be a factor in an increased bill at a significant amount. 

Although most hosted PBX providers nowadays include international calling with their inclusion plans, and most of the time, they charge international calls at affordable rates. With hosted PBX from the right telecom provider, you and your company can save up to 90% of analog service. 

Do They Include Internet Management Services?

Regardless of the phone system you have, it is inevitable for every company to run calls over a public internet connection, which is commonly known as an “over the top connection.” When this happens, there is no assurance of quality service to your clients and employees. Moreover, problems with security and troubleshooting might suddenly occur. 

Hence, best ensure that your chosen telecom provider offers internet management services to fix such issues that could happen. A telecom provider that offers internet management services can guarantee the quality of service and assure data security. Alternatively, you may negotiate with your provider to include internet access in your chosen plan.

Additionally, you might not need to hire an IT staff for your company to troubleshoot technological problems since hosted PBX systems are located off-site. This means you can contact your chosen telecom provider to handle any occurring maintenance and troubleshooting problems. 

Do They Accept Customization Needs?

Every business institution is unique, and so should your phone system be. Hosted PBX systems have an interesting feature called “feature-rich”, which allows customization. However, you may want to contact your preferred telecom provider first if they offer the unique features you need in the plan inclusion that you’ve chosen. 

Software integration is an example of a unique feature that PBX systems have. The phone’s system can be integrated into your computer’s software to allow screen pops for notification, organize files, and even record calls. 

Do They Offer Phone Line Scaling?

Interruptions can also happen in employment for various reasons. For example, some companies experience changes in staffing and other employment fluctuations; hence, keeping up with all the phone lines that need to be answered can be a challenge. However, hosted PBX systems have the unique ability to manage the drop or spike of call volumes quickly. 

You can negotiate with your choice of telecom provider to offer this unique feature in your signature plan. With this ability in your phone system, you can add or subtract phone lines as many times as you like—making it a great advantage for analog service. 


The abovementioned factors are a few necessary things to consider when choosing the right hosted PBX provider for you. Nevertheless, the choice is still yours in which factors you should consider, but applying these factors in your decision-making process may be beneficial for you in the long run.

Whether your company is small or large, your preferred telecom provider should be able to offer a quality and reliable service, customizable, and provide management services as per your business needs. 

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