Coffee Accessories You Never Knew You Needed


Are you sipping on your coffee while reading this article? Did you smile reading this line? Yes, to both! Well, that is incredible. In this blog, we are talking about various coffee accessories. These big or small accessories can make your morning cup of Joe decadent.

If you brew coffee at home, you must have a favorite brewing method, or beans, or even a mug. However, when you are in love with coffee, you should experiment with it. Staying in your comfort zone will not help you improve your coffee. So, even if you love espresso that your French Press brews up, it is time to try coffee pods for the same. Yes, these little pods can brew an exact cup of espresso with different flavors in no time.

Coffee Accessories

Similarly, using a measuring scale to measure your ground coffee can improve the taste of coffee by a lot. There are many such coffee accessories that you don’t think you need, but you do.

Let us look at them below.


1.Single-serve coffee machine

 Love your drip coffee machine? We do too! However, it takes time to brew a cup, and sometimes we do not have that much time. A single-serve machine like a Nespresso coffee machine can help with that. It brews a cup within a minute using coffee pods. You only have to put the pod in the machine, add water, press the on a button, and your coffee is ready. It is so convenient and the taste is incredible.

If you do not have a single-serve machine or haven’t tried pods coffee, you are missing so much.

 2. Electric grinder

 Burr grinders are incredible. Still, they are a bit costly, and not everyone can use them. The other best thing is an electric grinder. They will grind your beans as per your choice for you to brew a decadent cup of coffee.

Also, since they are compact, you can fit them in your bag when going hiking. Even their price is a bit affordable, making them a perfect choice for someone just starting their home-brewing journey.

 3. French Press

 Using Pour over or drip coffee brew method is nice. But the taste you get when you brew coffee using French Press hits a different note. It is smoother and flavorsome. Also, you can make cold brews with French Press.

Moreover, there are few designs of French Press that are compact and are great for travelers.

 4. Cold-brew maker by Takeya

 Cold brew is becoming a rage these days. If you love cold brew or know someone who does, this cold brew maker by Takeya should be on your list. It is sturdy and without BPA. All you need to do is add ground coffee and water and let it steep for a day or two in this pitcher. It has a tight lid for this purpose.

It also lets you brew hot coffee. The cold brew that comes out of this is incredible and smooth. 


5. Burr grinder

 If you use beans to brew your coffee, don’t get the ground ones. Buy whole beans and use a burr grinder to grind it home. Using a burr grinder is better as it gives you control over the size and texture of the beans. If you want a coarse or fine grind, it will do so. The freshness this will add to your coffee is unmatchable.

 6. Mug warmer from COSORI

How many times do you forget about your hot coffee due to everyday tasks? Numerous times! Right? Well, you can microwave your coffee, but the taste is too bad. Instead, go buy a mug warmer from COSORI. It will keep your hot coffee or tea warm till you are ready to drink it. It also has a display that lets you set the temperature and more.

 7. Frother

 If you love cappuccino or latte, or coffee with a bit of milk foam, you should get yourself a frother. There are electric frothers at affordable prices that you can use to froth milk and make a latte at home.

These are inexpensive and give you a feeling of drinking a luxurious drink straight from a café.

 For a coffee aficionado, the learning curve will never stop. There are so many new flavors, brewing methods, and accessories to try. Don’t just hold on to your routine coffee. Add a bit of twist with these accessories and try a new coffee recipe today!

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