How to Use Discord Commands – Complete List of Discord Commands


Discord is one of the most popular and largely used communication applications in the market. Its servers are run on the features that customers would find convenient while using Discord Commands. These functions include an emphasis on privacy, easy-to-use commands, and many more. Although primarily it is made for and used by gamers, it has a little fan base outside the gaming industry too. 

The thing that makes it best is it has an entire list of commands that customers find very useful. If you type some of the commands discord correctly into a server then you can get a lot of things done. So to help you a little with that, here in this blog, I have presented a list of discord commands and how you can use as well as benefit from it. 

How Are Discord Commands Used

Commands can be complicated but Discord commands are just simple and easy to use. You just have to type them into server chat boxes just like you do in other chatting or messaging apps. Most of these Discord commands can prove to be advantageous in various situations whereas others are just pure fun to use. So, now we are going to look at the discord commands list in detail. 

Comprehensive Discord Commands List

I have just picked some of the widely used commands from the Discord list. It does not contain all the commands available on Discord. Mind it, you would need the commands we are discussing over here. They are used more frequently. Apart from that, you can also build your custom Discord commands to use which we will go through later in this blog. 

As I said, you can input these commands in a chat box but what differentiates such commands from the regular chat texts is a “/” key. Every command in the Discord starts with the “/” key, leaving no space after it. 

Note:- while giving the examples of the Discord commands, we will be using square brackets. But you don’t have to use these brackets while you input your command in Discord. 

Find a GIF Quickly

GIFs are trending on every chatting and messaging platform. Discord too has it. The latest iteration from Discord provides a GIF icon that allows you to select a GIF to send to the one you are chatting with. Or if your Discord account does not give you a GIF icon then also you can send the GIFs using the  “/giphy [something]” command.

This command can also be helpful to people who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard all the time. So, by typing in the command they don’t have to move their hand over to the mouse to click that GIF icon. For giphy search and sending out animated gifs, the giphy command can come in handy. 

Change the Nickname

You get a username when you sign up for a social media platform and a nickname when you sign up for a chat platform. You might be able to change the username only in some of them but in Discord, you can have a different nickname for every chat. Here, you can change your nickname by navigating to the particular server, navigating to the change nickname entry, or by expanding the options but why go all the way when you can just change it by writing a simple command. 

Type  “/nick [enter new nickname here],” command to nick new nickname in any particular server. This way is much quicker than the way of navigating through all the options. Plus typing in the commands looks and feels way much sleeker than using the mouse for it 

But to use this command, you need to switch permissions from one feature to another. In the server settings, under the roles tab, an admin can set the “Change Nickname” permission. Admin can also use “Manage Nicknames” which allows users to change each other’s nicknames. 

Instruct Discord to Read Your Message

Let us consider a situation – let’s say your mic stopped working, or it malfunctioned, or say you are working on another computer, then how would you let everybody know that? You could type out a message explaining the situation. But it’s not like everyone will be watching the text chat while they are on a voice chat. Then what would you do? 

Do not fear. There is a discord command that will not only leave a standard text message on a voice channel but will also read it aloud along with the name of the sender so that everybody knows where the message came from. 

Just type  “tts [your message to everyone].” to use this command. There will be an automated voice that will read your message out loud for everyone. Your tts message will be converted into an audio message because this is a text-to-speech (tts) feature. Maybe it doesn’t sound very helpful if you read it but if you imagine a scenario where you enter a conversation without a mic. But this feature will help you talk with others just as you would in voice chats. 

But before you go out implying this text-to-speech command, you need to check the server admin to turn on the feature. 

Let Everyone Know When You’re AFK

The Away from keyboard feature allows others to know that you are not available for a short period. I’m sure you have your valid reasons for stepping out of a game or an important discussion. But how would you make others understand that? By putting an AFK status which means away from the keyboard in the terms of non-gamers. All you need to do is type in “afk set [desired status].”. So, now whenever someone calls you by your nickname, this custom message will appear on the screen to let them know that you are occupied somewhere else for the moment. 

How Many People

It doesn’t matter if you are an admin or a regular member, if you want to know how many people are currently online or offline on the server at a particular moment then you can know that using this command. 

Another helpful feature on the list, member count, allows you to know the total number of members on a specific server. Of course, you can see it on the menu on the right side of the screen. But that list may have many customized member groups. So, then you would need to sort them out to find the specific member count that is actually on a particular server.  

Using the “/membercount” command, an admin or even a regular member can know how many people are connected to the server at any given moment. 

Other Helpful Commands

We have discussed a very few chat commands that are used in discord. But if you want more commands, just type in “/” in and an entire list of useful commands will appear in the discord. But before we go on to other topics of custom commands and more, there are some chat commands and others that I want you to know about: 

“/Me” – When you type this command it emphasizes any text you insert afterward.

“/Spoiler” – This hides the content you type after the command. For those times you want to send sensitive information without ruining the ending for everyone else.

“/Tableflip” – For when you need to express your outrage and flip a table in Konami code. Resolved the issue? Simply type “/Unflip” to set the table back up.

“/Shrug” – Shrug it off in Konami code.

Also, apart from these commands, there are some amazing bot commands too that you could find fun to use. 

How to Create Custom Discord Commands

Building custom commands is a complicated process. It involves programming and all stuff that is more complex to explain over here. But if you know how to code then you might be able to pull it off. With some data research and dedication you can finally be able to create your customized discord commands. Now, we will look into one of the most beneficial command categories of the platform and how to use them. 

How to Use Bot Commands

For automation and stuff, discord bot commands can be a feature that can come in handy. These bots are programmed to function specifically based on events that took place on the platform. For example, you can use a bot to remove a member from the server that uses some particular word or phrase in the text or voice chat channels. 

With discord, you get some bots that are intended for nothing else but to help you learn the Discord ropes. But if you want to get access to the more important discord bot commands then you need to go outside the discord. It also depends upon your requirements, say you need a bot for moderation, or one for music or art, or the one that adds some flair to the server, it can be anything.  

There are many different types of discords bots available that you can add to your server. All you have to do is find a link to the useful bots. And when you come across one or more of those bots do not make a mistake and add the useful bot immediately to your server. 

Now every bot comes in with a guide that gives you detailed information on how to add the bot to the discord server. Long story short – what you have to do is log into the official website for the bot using Discord credentials and select the server, that’s it. In the case of the DYNO bot, it allows you to set the new commands directly from the settings and enables you to automatically moderate your servers. Also, every bot will introduce itself and show you a list of commands that it offers to help you along the way. 

How to Make a Discord Bot

If you do not have basic programming knowledge or are not willing to sit for hours doing coding until you create something then I’m afraid I have to say that it is better that instead of making your discord bots, you should buy one. However, if you are still feeling interested then I can show you a way to create one of these bots. 

So, for starters, go to the Discord developers portal and sign in using your discord credentials. After that, you have to select an option to create a new application. From there, you just have to follow the guidelines of different types of online tutorials. If you exactly follow those tutorials, you will have made a bot for yourself which is no small feat for a coding beginner. 


If you want a smooth and simple discord experience then you must use discord commands. They are quite useful features. You are not obliged to use them but they do make your work effortless on the platform. Saame is true for the discord bots. You can use them to automate stuff for you on the platform. 

So, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Tell me, have you used any of the commands mentioned in the list ever before? Or are you planning to use one from the list after you find it exciting when you read it here? Furthermore, do you have any cool suggestions for the bot that people can use in discord? If you have any of this discord-related information then please do share it with us in the comments section below. 

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