Create a Successful Event through These AV Pro Tips


Create a Successful Event through These AV Pro Tips

In the process of preparing an audiovisual budget for an event, there is much more to think about other than simply the money to allocate for the theme, lights, sound, and vision.  For you to be certain that you are getting the most value for the money that you will be spending for the audiovisual design of your event, it is imperative that you are one of the best Los Angeles Audio Visual Companies who will be able to give you your money’s worth.

Below are some audiovisual tips to create a successful event:

You should look at the level of creativity of your audio visual supplier

When you are searching for an audio visual supplier, you usually check first on the service quality, price and the audiovisual supplier’s reliability. These are good measure when you are looking for a quality audio visual company, however, for you to be able to do justice to your event, it is crucial that creativity is a central part of their product offering. The level of advancement when it comes to the projection and event lighting technology will mean that the old business model of just hiring out and operating gear for a client is no longer the standard level of providing such services. The essential driver of this is the conceptual shift in the market is the technology like that of projection mapping.

If you do not know what projection mapping is, it is the art of creating multimedia content for projection onto flat surfaces like in 2D projection mapping or objects like in 3D projection mapping and then using an advanced computer and projector technology eventually bringing that imagery to like. Projection mapping has transformed major events, conferences and theatrical presentations that world over.

You can also ask about the audiovisual company’s history in presenting similar events and their history at the chosen venue so that you can ensure peace of mind with your choice of audiovisual provider. You can also look at some examples of their work that is similar in scope to your event.

You should set the vision of your event and then share it

At the pre-production stage, it is important that you already have a clear vision of the aesthetic feel and tone of the event. You can have a storyboard for your event like a movie director, and then discuss the themes and the images with your key staff and audiovisual team.

It is also important that you should not get fixated on what you have done before, or what you only are known to be possible. You will know that you have hired a good audio visual company if they can take on board any creative idea that you have in mind and then be able to translate it into a practical suggestion.

You should be able to understand the importance of sound for your event

The sound system that is employed to the event should match the content for it to be able to deliver its purpose. It is important that you look for adequate coverage of the room so that all of the attendees will be able to get clear speeches along with the full impact of any musical material. If your event aims to employ high-energy or cinematic sound effects, you should see to it the system can be able to replicate the full range of sound. You can have a minimum of two subwoofers in place for you to be able to maximize the impact of any low-end effects or bass lines. You can check on various online materials so that you will have an idea on how to get the best sound at your event and for a more in-depth understanding of the importance of sound.

You should think digital

You can make a discussion with your audio visual supplier regarding methods on how you can digitally enhance your event. Whether if they can digitally brand your conference with projections and then successfully transform the event, or that the entire ballroom can be changed into another world, or that the walls of an auditorium can ripple at the arrival of a new product, or that a custom built set design can be transformed into a living, breathing animal. Anything is pretty much possible, and having an in-depth conversation with a design professional is instrumental to help in directing your thinking in the planning stages.

You should also be able to get a good grasp as to what the design and creative support the audiovisual company can offer and as to whether the in-house designers have the skills to walk you through the concept creation, implementation and, of course, the delivery of just about what you have imagined.

When you create a multimedia driven event from scratch, it may seem to be a long and tedious process than just the traditional method of simply stating a theme and then let the staging company deliver, but, the end result will embody a much better return on investment.

The elements of digital branding or presentation that are being used is not limited to one specific event. It can also be transported to similar events or venues by not having to incur additional costs. You can also repackage that same media as web content where it is deemed appropriate.

You should try to go to the mobile

We all know that almost every person is now carrying a video displaying, a network computer or, also known as, smartphone, in their pockets. This will make them capable of not only absorbing the content of your event but also be able to interact with it. A good audio visual company should have a lot of new ideas on how they can help make this work for your event, thereby being able to extend your theme and offer greater engagement with your audience.

For presenters, a key technology for them are apps which will enable snap event polling of audience members then instantly displaying collected results on the main screen. For the attendees, timetables, maps, and key messages should also be readily accessible through an app or network.

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