How To Customize Your Windows Desktop For Better Experience

Customize Your Windows

There is nothing that can make your life a lot easier than a customized desktop. Personalizing your desktop helps you to access all that you need with ease. And needless to say, that personalization makes your desktop better and attractive. After Apple has come up with the MacOS interface, it has made the windows fans a little disheartened. In terms of speed and appearance, Mac easily outranked the windows.

But there is one good piece of news. You can personalize your Windows 10 desktop and make the machine more productive.

Here Are the Top 3 Things You Can Do To Customize Your Windows 10 Desktop

Change Your Desktop’s Background: 

The easiest way to personalize your Windows 10 desktop is to change its background with a custom image. You can use pictures from your personal gallery or can surf through a vast collection of photos online to use as your desktop wallpaper. 

It takes just a few minutes and just a few steps to change your desktop wallpaper. Go to setting and then personalization, and you are all set to change your desktop background. Make sure that the image you are choosing completely fits your screen. You can also set up a desktop slideshow if you love the concept of changing pictures on your screen.

Once you complete this step, your desktop will show the static image you have chosen or display the collection of pictures in the background.

Change The Color Scheme:

Windows 10 allows you to change the color accent for different elements, including that start, action center, title bars, and more. There are two personalization modes: the light mode and the dark mode. The light mode is the default mode, and it’s perfect for use during the daytime. The dark mode comes up with a dark color scheme, and if you work from a low-light environment, dark mode is appropriate for you.

You will find the setting of changing the color accent the same way you change the background. You will find the “choose your color” dropdown menu to select the mode as you like. You can also use the advanced setting, and your computer will automatically switch between dark and light mode. It’s called the custom color mode option.

Download OneLaunch

Downloading OneLaunch is one of the best ways to customize your desktop. OneLaunch upgrades your windows experience with some of the best features you have ever wanted to have on your computer. Once you download and install OneLaunch, a slim dock will be tucked at the top of your desktop. The features of OneLaunch will make your desktop experience more efficient. With just one click, you can access all the OneLaunch features, including the browser, shortcuts, apps, and more.

Downloading OneLaunch brings you a personalized dashboard with features like importing your preferences from your browsing history and bookmarking them. It saves your passwords from enhancing your browsing experience without wasting time. You will find a list of sites you mostly visit, and you can get other features like news, weather, and a calendar on your dashboard.

Personalizing your desktop changes the look and feel of your desktop. You can do many things to customize the menu and the applications on your Windows 10. Once you download OneLaunch, you don’t need any further personalization for your desktop. OneLaunch does its job right and makes it easier for you to bring everything to your fingertips. It also converts your desktop into a more productive device by organizing your apps and removing the hassle of finding any particular program.

Download OneLaunch for free and follow the installation guide to have it on your desktop. For more help, visit the OneLaunch website.