How Do I Come Up With An Effective Demand Letter For My Car Accident?


Demand Letter For My Car Accident

You may have all that is needed when trying to file your car accident case, but having the right demand letter crafted can mean everything to your maximum recovery.

The insurance company will be willing to settle your claim even with the lowest settlement possible. As a car accident victim, you should work your case out with the help of a lawyer who can draft the right demand letter to increase your chances of getting your claim resolved with the right compensation.

Starting Your Settlement Negotiations With A Demand Letter

In any injury claim, a victim should think of having an effective demand letter; it should summarize what is in your claim. If you cannot develop one, you can contact attorneys in Wasilla Ak to write up your personal injury demand letter. An effective demand letter should cover the below factors:

  • Why you think the insurance company’s insured is to blame for causing your injuries.
  • All the details concerning your medical records, the treatment you have received so far, and any medical treatment that is expected to continue.
  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • Any other loss such as emotional trauma you may have incurred due to the injuries.

The above information must correspond with the information the insurance has. Meaning, you have to give details as they are. Exaggerating anything in your demand letter may lender your claim being denied. That way, it’s possible to make a counteroffer where the final amount for your injury claim will be determined.

A demand letter is the beginning of any settlement negotiations. Thus, it should be crafted well without mistakes. Meaning, even if your case may have weak areas, they should not be included in your demand letter. Instead, you may choose to have a car accident lawyer write up the demand letter with the right information. For an effective demand letter, you should have the below records in place:

  • Your up to date medical records: You should make sure to request your doctor to give you medical records showing the extent of your injuries and how they may have affected your life. The insurance company will have to link your injuries with the accident, and you must make sure to clearly emphasize the link in your demand letter.
  • Your car repair information: In the same case with your injuries, you need to prove that your car was damaged and show a clean report from your repair shop. It’s always advisable to get two or three estimates to prove your demand aligns with your damages. Remember that your personal injury claim will be settled differently from your property damage claim. The latter is settled first since it may have a great impact on your injury claim.
  • Keep track of your expenses: You should document any expenses incurred concerning your car accident. You have a right to claim expenses spent to travel to receive medical treatment.

To avoid unnecessary arguments, you should be organized, making it look professional. With the help of a lawyer, this becomes very easy. Again, remember that your letter must be reasonable enough. You may want to get the best compensation and find yourself unreasonable when it comes to expenses spent in line with the accident. That way, you will work against your claim.

 How Do I Figure Out The Value Of My Claim?

Each case is different, so whatever was reasonable compensation for another victim might not favor you. Though the insurance companies always follow the same procedure while valuing an injury claim, you may need your lawyer to determine the value of your claim. Your claim value will depend on the factors you have included in your demand letter. This includes:

  • Your lost income
  • Medical expenses and any other related costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Your property damage
  • What you are demanding as your payment
  • Who should pay for the damages you sustained

You should attach the relevant documents needed to ensure the insurance company will not have any excuse in your demand letter. Use appropriate language to avoid unnecessary delays and give a detailed description of your events. Insurance companies are petty, such as denying a claim due to the time you included in your demand letter and making sure everything is correct. Also, you should keep your copy of the demand letter, along with copies of the relevant documents you may have attached.

Do You Need Help Coming Up With An Effective Demand Letter?

It’s not easy to argue with an insurance company about your car accident claim. You need a lawyer who is conversant with writing up an effective demand letter- such a lawyer knows what is best depending on your case’s circumstances. If you wish to have a lawyer, you should look for an experienced lawyer who has handled similar cases.

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