Digital Media Era Of 2018 Will More Of Video Content – It’s A Video Marketing Era

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If you are one of the Digital Media/Social Media experts, then you might already be aware that the we are now heading more towards the era of video marketing. Since the launch of Facebook live I have personally seen a lot of growth in the video marketing field. Even most of my clients focus more on Video content than the text or image.

Why there is a growth in Video Content?

When it comes to branding or advertising, what we target is that our message is portrait in the way the business wants & one of the best way to do that becomes through Video content.

According to my recent study  I have found that the Video content has increased by 80% where 15% remains for image content and rest 5% to text (you can say blog or timeline text post).

[chart width=”540″ height=”250″ type=”bar” title=”Content Data for 2016-17″ data=”80,15,5″ legend=”Content Chart” label=”Video Content|Image Content|Text Content” colors=”FF9900|E40B0B|1B9A1B|3399CC|BBCCED”]

Even the mobile companies are now focusing more on camera as they have seen a huge growth in video content. Even companies like ASUS has recently introduced their first every Zenfone Live that helps user to do live videos from their Social media profiles like Facebook (like obviously), Instagram & YouTube.

Activities like this clearly indicates that everyone nowadays are focused more on Video. Even Vloggers Influencers has been one of the major attention for Brands as they have seen an huge growth in their business through Video content marketing.

To get a proof of what I am saying is true, just go through your facebook feeds and check. You will find that out of 10 post 8 are video, where just 2 are text or image post.

Even Forbes claimed recently that by 2018-19 we will see a huge number of video content online. According to them 65% of the visitors refer or trust the business after watching a video respectively. This ensure a new era of Video marketing. We believe that by 2018 Vloggers and video makers will have a lot of work coming in.

If you agree to this thought, please help us to know in the comment below.

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