Do I need a VPS or a shared hosting plan?


When it comes to hosting, there are quite a number of options that you can choose from. However, most people would generally go for one of two alternatives – a virtual private server or a shared hosting plan. However, there are also individuals who are new to the field as a whole and don’t really know what would be the perfect fit for their website or project. This is why today we are going to focus on the differences between shared hosting and VPS servers and give suggestions when to choose each type.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting, as it can be seen by its name, involves sharing a server with other website owners. While this doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem at a first glance, there are many potential issues that can arise from this sharing process. Each server has a set number of resources including active memory, usually abbreviated as RAM, processing power, which is generated by the CPU, and of course – storage space, which can either come in the form of a hard disk (HDD) or an SSD.

Any website that runs on a given server consumes some of these resources when it has incoming traffic and user interaction. Because of this, when you have multiple websites hosted on the same server, having to share its resources, it can be quite detrimental to all parties involved. Resource deprivation or starvation is a process that occurs when a given website doesn’t have any resources that it can use from the server.

This ultimately results in the website slowing down and becoming a lot more irresponsive to user input. Consequently, this can also have a bad impact on search engine performance and overall ranking given that loading speed and interaction have been deemed to be key ranking factors when it comes to search results.

When to go for shared hosting?

Despite its negative effects, shared hosting is a perfect option for websites that do not expect to have much traffic such as personal projects, portfolios and local information websites as well as those that are created for local shops, but do not support online buying or making any virtual payments. Shared hosting is also the cheapest alternative that you can go for. Not only that, but such servers are also easier to manage, which again makes them a good choice for inexperienced users.

What is a virtual private server and when to buy one?

VPS servers make use of the so-called virtualization technology to create essentially smaller personal servers for their customers that all run on the same physical machine. This means that rather than having to share all of the resources of a given server, each client has their own resources that they can independently use. However, there are many more advantages that such servers offer when compared to shared hosting.

The biggest one of these benefits is their ability to upgrade or downgrade when needed by either adding more resources or removing those ones that are not being used. Due to this, they are a perfect option for websites with seasonal traffic such as travel agencies. Not only that but this feature also makes them ideal for startups and other online ventures that cannot predict the exact amount of traffic that they are going to receive.

Due to this flexibility and adaptability, VPS servers are a fantastic option for any business or project and their price is not that high either. There are some pretty affordable options that you can choose from and there are also providers that offer services such as Bitcoin VPS servers that you can pay for using that cryptocurrency. Paying with crypto is also quite beneficial for your privacy, as it allows you to protect your identity.

Finally, with a VPS server, you also gain complete root access to the server, allowing you to make any changes necessary and customize your server to make it suitable for your needs. There are also hosting providers that are willing to help you with setting up or making changes as well, so do not hesitate to contact their support team as they can offer their assistance with any of the aforementioned issues.

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