Dogecoin, Everything You Need to Know About


Inside the crypto world’s community, users tend to pay attention mostly to the great coins such as Bitcoin. This is quite normal considering that it is the first cryptocurrency. Still, a number of other worthy digital assets arise and we can’t neglect them since in many ways they can do better than the famous BTC!

For instance, the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin and Cronos coin have become largely popular among both starting and seasoned investors who search for more opportunities to make their money work. This is happening mainly because of the unique and expanded possibilities that their blockchains give and the greater stability of tokens. 

This short article is going to reveal the main characteristics of these coins, their pluses, and minuses, as well as the best and safest ways to purchase them without fuss. 

Basics on Dogecoin: Elon Musk’s Favot Crypto Coin

Dogecoin is an altcoin with a fast-growing community around it. To see how booming it is right now, check its price fluctuations for the last week and you will be surprised. 

The revolution with DOGE began when this coin soared in value by 10x since the beginning of 2021. Only in 2021, it gained 5,000% of its worth. So, why is everyone, including Elon Musk, crazy about it, and should you consider buying it? 

To put aside the meme roots of DOGE, the coin has become widely loved because of its real-life use, such as tipping, social media, and versatile payments. This gets more serious than memes, right? Like other altcoins, it uses cryptography and works on proof of work and was forked at the same Litecoin’s fork Luckycoin. Dogecoin also has a relatively low price and a large supply, so many users urge to buy these coins to have the possibility to speculate later.

How is Dogecoin used? At its start, DOGE admirers raised funds to help build wells with clean drinking water in Kenya. In the same 2014, it took a large place in sending a team from Jamaica to the Olympic Games. So, the coin is pretty active in social projects and charity. 

DOGE is recommended for use as a method of payment and purchase making; avoid keeping it as a store of value. With no definite market cap, the coin is very prone to inflation by its nature.

What about Coin and Why Is It Famous?

Cronos is the cryptocurrency that right now is experiencing ‘the second birth’. Cronos has taken the market by storm and grew in value mainly because of the National Basketball Association efforts.

Before buying CRO, we suggest looking at essential metrics such as real-time prices, trading volume, creating a wallet to store CRO, and checking out Crypto com coin price prediction 2030 or earlier. For the time being, there are no considerable changes in its price, but as for 2023, the coin is likely to reach its 2021-like price up to $0,4. 

It’s also popular because the blockchain allows for building Decentralized Finance apps on top of the network. This opens up opportunities for new use cases of CRO. The coin is expected to change and develop in the direction of DeFi, so there’s no doubt it’s up to something bigger. 

Besides, the network is easily interconnected with other blockchains using IBC protocols and bridges to other IBC-capable chains.

How to Convert Dogecoin to BTC or Altcoins Securely

If your goal is to prepare for buying one of these coins or trade them for other tokens, it’s just the time to see where. A good and proven place to convert DOGE to BTC is, where comfy rates are offered across multiple platforms, transaction prices are easy to calculate, and a lot of info is given about coins such as trading volume, market cap, current real-time price, etc. 

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