7 Must Try Ecommerce Marketing Techniques


In today’s world, every sector uses eCommerce marketing techniques to expand their sales by spreading awareness about their online brand or product. This form of marketing is called digital marketing or eCommerce marketing that reflects the principles of traditional marketing but through different channels online that are driven by data.

eCommerce marketing is channelized via multiple social media platforms. Companies explore these platforms for promoting their brand & enlarging their sales.

Coming to eCommerce marketing technique, there is no BEST option. Some marketing techniques may turn to be the most ideal option for a brand while it may turn out to be disastrous for other brands.

Whether an eCommerce marketing technique best suits your business, solely depends on your prospective clients, your nature of work, what your product has to offer, and your awareness about converting your leads into possible customers.

All about eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce marketing is a relatively new process businesses have started using to build awareness about their online merchandise. The strategies include –

  • Content publishing
  • Active participant on different social media platforms
  • Developing an attractive and informative website
  • Regular optimization of the eCommerce website for better search engines

A well-planned eCommerce marketing strategy helps employ the above-mentioned strategies. To make things simpler for you, we have provided step-by-step eCommerce Marketing Techniques that will guide you to see better results for your eCommerce business.

Content Marketing Strategy

It is quite obvious for online marketing, you will require content. Content marketing involves creating material for your online audience in the form of GIFs, images, blogs, videos, etc. The target for content marketing is to attract as many audiences as possible with your content and sell your product directly.

Ecommerce Marketing Techniques
Ecommerce Marketing Techniques

Your content should be both informative and appealing to your customers. Several eCommerce businesses have experienced a huge explosion of sales and have witnessed greater success.


Referral marketing is another most popular and powerful eCommerce marketing strategy. It is also called the word of mouth marketing because people have this nature of sharing everything with their family and friends.

We share our experiences. For instance, if a person uses your product and loves it, he or she might refer your product to someone else and share their positive experiences. This is basically what referral marketing is all about.

Referral marketing happens consciously through the word-of-mouth process and it is one of the best techniques of eCommerce marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy

Out of all the social media applications, emails remain the top communication platform for most of the audiences, which constitute about 90 percent. This means email is the best channel for increasing your sales.

Always hand on best email marketing software or SAAS platform, which can help you generate more revenue by automating the process like cart abandonment emails and discount emails.

According to several studies, email marketing increases sales almost by 3 times compared to the standard sales of any product or brand. Email marketing is simply sending out promotional emails to your audience.

Marketing on Instagram

Even though it is relatively new, Instagram marketing is increasingly gaining popularity with more and more businesses turning to Instagram for exploring their sales options. Instagrammers come on this platform to explore their feeds and get inspired by online influencers.

These are the potential clients who are searching for online stores and businesses to buy from. If you still have not stepped foot on this platform yet, it is high time that you join Instagram and become active in order to enjoy the benefits and to expand your audience.

Marketing on Facebook

Coming to Facebook, this platform is the most powerful and commonly used social media channel, just after Emails. If you are promoting your product on Facebook, your coverage would be the widest since everyone in today’s world uses Facebook. It is a popular advertising channel, you can use to promote your business, attract more audience and increase your sales.

Facebook has a new feature, the Ad platform, which allows you to target your audience and your advertisements depending on different factors like tastes and preferences, behaviours, location, etc.

Facebook also allows you to add pixels on your site & target your audience again, those who viewed your website but did not purchase your product. You could earn millions by just posting some Facebook Ads.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages that pop up on whatever device you are using. You can send push notifications to anyone at any time regardless of the user being or not being on a particular application.

Your device is an excellent unilateral messenger such as text messages and mobile alerts. This is something that you can use to notify your customers about discounts or promotional offers and recent launches to improve your sales.

Marketing on Messenger

eCommerce marketing by using different social media tools is inevitably the most common and popular technique these days with the widest target coverage and enhancement of business productivity. Marketing via Facebook Messenger is becoming a great opportunity for several businesses to promote their products.


Potential buyers can view your brand, purchase your product, and connect your page with their friends and family. Coming to the consumption rate and open success rate, both are quite high on this platform compared to the other apps which could be because the connectivity on Facebook Messenger is commendable.

So, essentially, there are 2 kinds of Facebook ads for marketing. One is by sending sponsored texts and the other is the destination ads.

The sponsor messages appear directly in your customer’s inbox while the destination ad allows users to select messenger as the destination instead of your instead.


To sum up, if you are talking about eCommerce marketing strategies, there is no one BEST technique that you can employ to increase your sales. You can try out as many as possible and one by one. Rank the marketing technique that suits your business the most from the above-mentioned options and test them one by one.

The strategies do involve some cost, so make sure you have perfect knowledge about the platform, your target audience, and the coverage you can make through these channels.

These Ecommerce Marketing Techniques can be a great start, especially for small businesses, and can boost sales to a great extent. These techniques help in building trust and gain loyal customers, thereby allowing your business to grow.

Author: Ankit Thakor is the SaaS product marketing specialist of SEO & Content He is often asked to contribute expertise in leading publications. Fun fact: he was a competitive dancer for 10 years.

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