Effective Project Management with PRINCE2


Creating and developing efficient means of project delivery is a key to the success of a project.  However, of all people who are concerned with the management of a project, very few are managers – and those who are concerned with the delivery of projects are often not competent in managing projects, let alone managing people working on projects. As on a PRINCE2 Qualification belfast. So, understands the nature of project delivery and how management is an integral part of project delivery and develops a management philosophy is essential to success of any project.  Here are some of the key points to consider in defining subsequent management philosophy:

Set an outcome

The project outcome, which is the deliverable that comprises the deliverable from project deliverables, provides the basis for management strategy.  If the project outcomes are measurable and the deliverable is measurable, then the management philosophy is clear and worthwhile.

Clarify scope

An effective project manager makes sure that all aspects of the scope are to be identified and validated prior to beginning the project so that the scope is fully understood by all involved.  The project manager’s commitment to this while developing a successful scope is probably one of the most important things that determines the long-term success of the project.

Identify project stakeholders

Identify all the key stakeholders involved in doing the project.  Prior to beginning the project, the manager ought to include external and internal stakeholders, such as the internal stakeholders, and is key to success of a project.  Key stakeholders must be identified well in advance to enable the process for change control.


As the name suggests, leading means to guide or direct to a decision or in this case a project.  Regardless of the organization having a formal policy on leadership, a leader who is badly defined will have problems with the rest of the project team, and result in more confusion as he carries out his or her leadership task.  The ability to be an effective leader is not dependent on the organization imposing a formal policy on leadership.

Be consistent with approach and issues

When the issue of time exists, the issue of scope versu will cause more confusion, and not better.  Similarly, when address the issue of scope versu, if the issue is not understood or not understood, members of the authority should be consistent in their approach with it.

Validate all outcomes

Management must ensure that all project outcomes are well-validated prior to commencement of the project so that project management is assured that they include any information it needs to control the project outcomes.  This does not mean that these outcomes must be submitted prior to commencement, but the key is that the process must be followed and all outcomes known and approved by management.

All in all, effective project management means defining project deliverables properly and ensuring they are built upon sustainable foundations.  For hidden project risks management to work effectively, the project manager must work on a project management philosophy which supports his or her efforts.

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