Error 919: Google Play Error

Error 919: Unknown Error Code during application install” is a typical error encountered by users who are attempting to install or update a software, app or game on an Android device via Google Play Store.

What is Error 919?

The Error 919 typically signifies that the Android device is low on storage space as generally it is displayed before installation of the app / game, i.e. after the download has been completed 100%. However, the same may also be caused by disputes in the device’s network / WiFi settings or blocked memory / cache.

When it occurs?

Users typically encounter Error 919 when they attempt to install or update a software, app or game via Google Play Store. After the download has completed fully, the setup installer displays the error message and stops the installation process. This is in most situations an indication to clear disk space on the device to at least twice the size of that required by the app or clear the cache memory.

Precautions to take

Users must ensure that their device is always kept up to date with the latest firmware and software updates. Moreover, they must keep adequate memory space available at all times by clearing out temporary files and cache memory. It is also advisable to use stock software on the device and avoid ROOTING or using modified firmware on the device. Wifi, APN and Network settings must also be checked from time to time.

Methods to Fix Error 919:

Method 1:

User must first check their primary memory status to check the amount of the same is free. To clear data and cache the following steps must be performed :

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on Apps/Manage Apps
  2. Once done selectGoogle Play.
  3. Locate and select clear cache
  4. On doing so, press the home screen and enter Main Menu again
  5. Go to download manager.
  6. From the options choose CLEAR DATA.

Method 2:

Switching their Internet connection.

This may solve the problem for most users as, the error stems primarily from the inability to connect to Google’s servers. If the user is using WiFi, switch to a different network or switch to Mobile Data or vice versa.

Method 3:

Change APN settings:

  1. Go to Menu and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on wireless and networks and go to Mobile Networks and then tap on Access Point Names.
  3. Change the name of the APN to a unique sequence.

As a nearby user might be using the same, resulting in conflict.

Method 4:

Perform a Full Factory Reset

This is how you do factory reset:

Go to Settings –> Privacy –> Factory Reset

Note: Factory reset will wipe all your data; hence take your phone backup before doing factory reset.