Error 961 – Google Play Unknown Install Error

“ERROR 961” or Unknown Install Error 961 is one of the many errors which users face while attempting to install, update or upgrade apps using Google Play Store. This is a general error which disallows users to install downloaded free or paid apps.

What is Error 961?

Although known as an Unknown Install Error. Error code 961 is primarily a Google Play store’s inherent problem and not an error of the app being installed. This error manifests from either network issues or misconfiguration of files and settings in Google Play Store.

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When it occurs?

Users after having downloaded paid or free apps from Google Play Store encounter this error while installation process starts. Configuration of Network settings and presence of junk files in the cache also leads to this error cropping up often.


Users must ensure they are using the latest version of Google Play store and must keep updating their phone to the latest firmware available at the moment to ensure error free performance. Also junk files and cache memory must be cleared at regular intervals.

Method to Solve Error 961:

Method 1:

Change the method for access to the internet. If the user is experiencing problems in downloading the apps via Google Play Store on their existing connection. They can switch to a different Network by accessing the Wireless and Network menu from SETTINGS. Alternatively, they can switch to a Mobile Data Connection or vice versa to allow access.

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Method 2:

User must access their Home Screen and then navigate to the SETTINGS and follow the following steps:

  1. Under the option “Settings“, Search for the option “Application Manager“.
  2. Locate Google Play Store from the list of Apps installed on the system
  3. Under Play Store, select CLEAR CACHE and then CLEAR DATA to reset it back to the default settings and thus override any problems that might have crept in during the normal course of operation of the device, where various apps have been installed or removed.
  4. After this re-initiate Google Play and try installing the app in question once again. 

Method 3 :

In this method the user has to visit the RECOVERY MDOE of the Android device to clear Cache memory of the device and reset default settings.

  1. Check the device’s manual or search the web to know the method for accessing the device’s RECOVERY MENU. By Default it is Pressing and Holding the Menu + Volume Up / Down buttons when simultaneously pressing the Power Key (When the device is switched off first)
  2. When the boot selection menu is open, the user cannot use the touch screen but has to navigate using the volume rockers. Press the appropriate key to access RECOVERY MODE and select it.
  3. Select SYSTEM RECOVERY from this menu option
  4. Select ‘Wipe Cache’ option and proceed with the same, accepting any warnings if any
  5. After the cache is cleared select ‘Reboot System now’ and use power button to select.

Please Note, all settings and important files must be backed up before proceeding with this method as it erases the cache memory and can lead to deletion of important user settings.

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Method 4:

Google Services Framework

  1. From Home Screen, access SETTINGS
  2. Under Settings, Select APPS or Applications
  3. From the vertical list of apps installed find Google Services Framework and open it
  4. Select Force Stop option to allow for modifications to the same
  5. Now Clear Data and Cache Memory
  6. Once complete, re-initiate the installation process via Google Play