Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK

Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK
Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK

Staycations and holidays close to home are going to be the norm for the greater part of the world’s populations for the foreseeable future and for the UK audience, that means getting to explore this wonderful, cultural and historic island we call home. below in this article, we will cover the Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK.

It’s easy to overlook the brilliance of your own country when you’ve grown up there or have been holidaying locally with your family since you were a child. Things can seem stale and the same from town to town but the truth is, looking at your home country as a tourist can provide a new sense of appreciation for your local history and customs.

To help inspire your holiday plans, we’ve provided some lovely locations in the UK that are fantastic for a short weekend break and can even be used to plot a road trip through the country! Locations have been provided in the order from South to North.

Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK
Excellent Weekend Break Locations in the UK


Famous for its unrivalled Roman heritage and incredible preserved historic architecture, Bath is a fantastic place to spend a weekend. An easy to explore location on foot, as you wander the pretty streets you can marvel at the wonderful Georgian-era townhouses, explore the boutique shops lining Pulteney Bridge, one of only four bridges in the world with buildings on both sides. Then take a well deserved soak in the Thermae Bath Spa with water sourced from the very same hot springs that attracted the Romans here all those centuries ago.

Spa facilities are a given in Bath and many of the luxury hotels offer spa break packages for when you want to relax and be pampered. Want to see everything the city has to offer? Make sure to take the Bath Skyline Walk, a 6 mile-long circuit that offers amazing views across the city and is an incredible place to take in the sunrise or sunset.


An absolutely stunning location that has been popular with visitors from all over the world, the Cotswolds is regularly voted the prettiest place in the UK. Protected as an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty (AONB), the Cotswolds is the exact place that represents ‘traditional English life’ with quaint, flowery cottages and miles of countryside walks to explore. Cotswold Way, a ten-mile long route will take you through the majority of the gorgeous villages allowing you to see almost everything the area has to offer.

Hotels are available across most of the Cotswolds or alternatively, it’s a great location for enjoying a camping trip with plenty of campsites tucked away in the English countryside.


Home to the legendary tale of Robin Hood, the outlaw who stole from the rich to provide for the poor, Nottingham is a wonderful cultural location for those that love nature, myths and shopping. The old city centre is a great place to start, here you can explore the Old Market Square, the largest public space in England and wonder at the incredible Sky Mirror sculpture over by Nottingham Playhouse.

Outside the city you can wander the expansive stretches of woodland in Sherwood Forest and admire the ancient trees, with some thought to be between 800 to 1000 years old! Major Oak is the star attraction and definitely not to be missed with it’s incredible leafy canopy of approximately 92 feet (28 metres). Stay nearby in the local and well-placed Best Western Nottingham Derby hotel with easy to access travel links out to all the surrounding areas.


Where culture and industry meet, Leeds is a lovely university town featuring plenty of places to explore from the Civic Quarter to the scenic Leeds Dock. Explore the many museums and art galleries scattered throughout the city, including the popular The Royal Armouries Museum, featuring over 8,500 across six galleries, the Royal Armouries boasts some incredible historic artifacts, including the full-body armour worn by King Henry VIII himself! The museum can be reached on foot or by taking the Leeds Water Taxis from the train station over to Leeds Dock for only £1 each way (return journeys available).

Don’t miss the Leeds Light festival held later on in the year, this spectacular after dark event truly brings the city to life and has installations across the town’s most popular sectors.


The last on our list but certainly not the least, this stunning location is considered one of the UK’s most attractive historic city centres. Also known as the Walled City, York features plenty of quaint streets including the iconic Shambles, home to a selection of independent boutiques and friendly tea rooms. The best way to experience the area is by taking a stroll along the 3-mile-long Roman walls that surround the city, offering excellent views and some other Roman ruins to discover on your walking adventure. Don’t miss watching the sun set behind the striking York Minster, one of the best preserved medieval cathedrals.

These are just five locations that can be easily reached using rail or road but there is so much more to discover, enjoy and fall in love with in the UK and special attention should be given to the country’s of Scotland, Wales and Ireland with their sweeping history and untouched nature as well.

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