Facebook Messenger New Malware FacexWorm Might Steal Your Password & Cryptocurrency



If you are one of those who is into cryptocurrency & are using a Facebook Messenger app then you might come across a malware called FacexWorm. This is a part of phishing made by hackers so that they can have their hands on your password. The same malware was spotted in 2017 and now one year later the same malware is back with much more damage.

If you are thinking on how to be aware of this malware of this malware then before that you need to know how does it actually effects.

To be aware of this be aware of any links that people share with you. These links can be a fake URL of any reputed websites which looks legit & once you click it your account will get effected. On the recent case they found a harmful extension called Kobio. Do remember if you open any reputed link and that shows any error, that can be a possibility that your account might get hacked.

This same malware can appear in any form of extensions, not just Kobio. Along with the password this malware will steal your credential and no matter what crypocurrency you will use, the malware will install the mining software on your system to get all the access.

Gary Davis, Chief Consumer Security Evangelist at McAfee’s said, “Unfortunately, the worm has found a way to wiggle from device to device as well, as it leverages a command-and-control server to access an infected user’s Facebook and multiply the amount of fake YouTube links.


The experts are working to solve this malware, but until then if you come across anything like this, it’s better to change your password and look through your system if there is anything installed. We will keep you posted if we come across any solution of remedy to this.

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