Final Fantsasy 7 Remake release date


In a recent interview of the key people who worked on the Final Fantsasy 7 Remake at the 30th Anniversary Exhibition which was on January 2018, some interesting details related to the release of next Final Fantasy 7 windows game are released.
In a conversation between Kitase and Hamaguchi they talked about the relase date of the windows game. According to them they want to release the game by the 35th anniversary of Final Fantsasy. Though it is no where near as the 35th-anniversary event will held in 2023. That’s why they will try to opt for a much early date.

Still, it won’t come before 2019. Other than that Hamaguchi also said that there would a lot going to reveal in the next big gaming event. And as per I know E3 Conference 2018 is the nearest big gaming event. Fan’s can see long gameplay or maybe a trailer.

According to them, there will be a few changes in the characters as well. Final Fantsasy is planning to please both the new and old fans with their new game which is in progress.


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