How To Find The Right Accountant For Your Small Business?


Right Accountant

They say, behind every successful business, there’s an accountant. For a company that’s just begun, the previous statement is even more prevalent. 

Managing a small business, although rewarding, can also be gruesome at times. That said, it isn’t easy to be great at every aspect of running your business. Hence, developing a robust support system is essential to your overall success.

Suppose finance is not one of your best fortes. In that case, the best you can do is find a reliable financial expert to help you manage your taxes, revenue, and other finance-related responsibilities. The perfect man for the job is, of course, an accountant. A professional accountant can help you maintain financial documents, arrange an accounting system, and – above all, create financial goals for your business. 

With that in mind, how can you find the best accountant for your small business? Don’t fret – we’ve got the answers for you. Below are a few simple dynamics that you can use to select the right accountant for your up-and-coming business.

1.Consider qualifications

You can benefit enormously by having an accountant with significant tax, business, and accounting knowledge to counsel you on your ongoing business matters.

In some instances, finding an accountant with an astounding financial background, such as an accountant with a CPA – Chartered Professional Accountant – title, and experience would be perfect for a small business owner looking to expand and succeed. However, if that’s not possible, an MBA with accounting concentration would be better prepared to pursue an upper-management position and acquire leadership abilities to help organizations thrive. 

2.Ask for referrals

For this part, you have to figure out whom other businesses are using and how satisfied they are with their accountants’ work. If you can’t find any worthy referrals using this method, browse the internet, and you will come across several reliable accounting firms. Choose from there. 

When you call, ask the receptionist to give you the names of accountants acquainted with your type of business. Utilize this information and create a list of prospective accountants.

3.Know what your company needs

To find a reliable accountant, you will need to ask yourself the following question: What does my business need? Before you hire an accountant or even start to look for one, it is imperative to decide what kind of services you will require. 

Do you need someone to help with your everyday accounting practices? Or someone good with taxes and bookkeeping? First, determine the primary reason you feel the need to hire an accountant and then search for someone with skills to satisfy your business goals and needs.

4. Is location an important factor?

In the past, location played a primary role in selecting the best accountant, but now, everything has changed. Today, technology has provided us with several ways to close locational gaps. Therefore, location is no more a vital factor. 

Suppose you’re comfortable with email, the phone, or chat to conduct a significant amount of your business. In that case, you may not care how close the accountant is to your enterprise. On the other hand, you will need to define your research to a certain radius if you prefer frequent face-to-face visits.

5. Don’t be afraid to be selective.

Even with due diligence and proper planning, you may choose someone that is not a great fit. While it can be uncomfortable to have this chat with your accountant, considering the long-term goals of having the best team is worth the short-term discomfort of leaving an employee behind.

6. Aim For An Accountant Who Goes Beyond Crunching The Numbers

Choose an accountant who will be reactive as well as proactive. For instance, someone will tell you how to save tax ethically and legally. Someone who will find decent accounting software for your business and teach you the ropes of it, not somebody who will crunch numbers and put them in front of you.

7. Lastly, find someone you like

It won’t matter how skilled or experienced a particular accountant is if you don’t instantly feel comfortable with them as a person. If you don’t like the accountant on a personal note, the relationship will never be successful.

So before you decide to hire a prospective accountant, make sure you can picture yourself working hand-in-hand with this individual for years to come without problems. After all, changing accountants can be a tedious task and will cause a significant diversion within your ongoing business procedures.


So you see, an excellent accountant can help you manage not only your expenses but also discover leaks that could potentially sink your business. And so, taking your time to search for an accountant who can offer all the services you need is part of the process. Just make sure you find someone who is reliable, experienced, and ready to be there for you whenever there’s a problem. Also, know that accountants aren’t just fit for managing accounting tasks but also offer hands-on business advice to support your business’s growth and planning. So if you pick an accountant based on the tips mentioned earlier, you can lure your business into the path of success.

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