10 Best Websites to Find the Right Neighborhood in New York City


New York City

New York is a beautiful place that every person dreams of settling down in. It is not a small place where you can just land up and stay. There are multiple places and you need to choose the location as per your budget and other factors such as lifestyle, needs, and such before moving to New York. When you look for a house, it’s not just about the budget; you also need to see the facilities available and most importantly the right kind of neighborhood.  The first thing to put on your moving checklist, click here to download one, is finding the best house. So to get access to the best area where you can get the neighborhood as per your style, mentioned below are the sites to choose from.

Neighborhood Scout

This is an amazing site where you can actually find your cool neighborhood. This site mainly focuses on real estate investors offering extensive data which any person can use while going for a purchase of a new home. You can simply search for a city or put up a pin code and you can see the colorful maps of that place. On the map, you will find the most expensive neighborhood to the bust areas of the city or the safest neighborhood. You can have a look at all of it and decide. To get into more detail there would be a little charge or you need to pay the subscription amount for the same.


HomeFair is a good option to look for the neighborhood but then like Neighborhood  Scout it does not offer any maps but yes you can access the basic information by filling in the zip code. This site is for those people who are not looking for flooded information but rather want crisp and clear-cut details of a particular area. From school, reports to the cost of living and vital statistics all are available on this site, and that too for free.

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Realtor.com provides you with information via a map about the neighborhood. You can search on this site by filling up the pin code or city name. With this, you will see the map and go through the different layers where all areas can be noticed in detail. The maps on this site display home values. Housing and marketing areas, school ratings, homes available for sale, and top-ranked business firms. This site provides extra detail such as crime data of different areas. So you can check out on this site your safety concerns.


If you are looking out for a comprehensive source then Niche.com is where you should land up. It offers detailed information about neighborhoods all over the country. You can search for the main city and from there you can get a map of the whole area. Niche is different from others because it gives a rating to all neighborhoods.   Overall rating is given keeping in mind the schools there, quality of life of that area, housing, nightlife, outdoor activities, and various other factors. Even there are reviews submitted by the people on those particular areas which can help you get into more detail.


It is another reliable source that gives quick details about the neighborhood of the particular area. You can simply enter the name of the neighborhood in the search field and then you can click to see the details of the whole area. From the markets present to the houses on sale, the average price per square foot, etc everything is mentioned. It also has an exclusive feature which shows boundaries, a list of schools with ratings, and detail of nearby entertainment places along with rating.


This is another reliable source and people still use it as it’s the best one. This has a lot of information that you might not have thought of. Though it is considered old school, the map you lookout about a particular city will give you explicit details about the place. Statistics such as population, election result, and the number of government workers, air pollution, and other such variables are also clearly mentioned on this site. Leaving these other charts such as crime rate, local industry, real estate agents, etc are also mentioned on this site.


This site is an authentic source that is used to find out houses on sale, rental property, offices available, etc. Leaving this, like other sites it also has a map through which you can check about the neighborhood of that particular area. Even the schools over there and the crime rate of that particular locality are also mentioned. It is one fully evaluating tool that gives you excess to the potential possibilities of that particular area.

Thus these are some of the best sites which you can use to understand the different areas and the neighborhood. It would help you to take a deep dive into different localities and choose the one which fits your needs.

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