Firewall Analyzer Ensures Complete Network Visibility

Firewall analyzer ensures complete network visibility
Firewall analyzer ensures complete network visibility

Implementing a firewall analyzer serves many purposes for your network security policy management. While it provides you absolute network visibility across all types of networks ranging from cloud, hybrid to on-premise networks, it also ensures that all your network related activities stay ship-shape and up to date.

In this post, we will discuss different firewall operations that a firewall analyzer accomplishes. Hold tight and read the post till the end to get a better view on firewall analyzer and the benefits it provides.

On the spot visualization of firewall policies:

It works in automation and collects data from an ample source of network devices. Then it cultivates a network topology diagram that entails the whole heterogeneous network. This diagram will help you realize how network security policies are impacting on traffic, connectivity issues, and plan modifications.

 Finds out applications and services with zero manual effort:

With its ground-breaking expertise, a firewall analyzer recognizes all types of business-related applications and services including the connectivity issues related to them. Thus, with a firewall analyzer, you can expect up-to-date information on all your network applications and services anytime you want.

Firewall policy optimization:

There are thousands of firewall rules and policies and they are also different for different applications. In addition, rules and policies also change regularly. So, keeping an eye on them manually is a hectic and near to impossible job. Moreover, it will cost you a lot of money and time. The firewall analyzer does all these works automatically. It constantly analyzes firewall policy changes, identifies policies that are outdated, and provides actionable recommendations so that you can clear out irrelevant things and optimize your security regulation. It also finds out rules and policies that are duplicate, vacant, overlapping, and organizes them in order.

Easy network segmentation:

The firewall analyzer smoothens the network segmentation procedure and makes sure that the current security rules of your network do not break the network segmentation policy. Thus, it also ensures that your business runs effortlessly.

Help you stay always audit-ready:

A firewall analyzer is very much efficient in generating compliance reports in accordance with leading industry policies for audit purposes. It covers almost all policy requirements such as FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, NERC, etc. Thus, it saves you from doing a lot of manual work for making audit reports. Not only that, firewall analyzer audit reports also save nearly 80% of your audit preparation costs.

Final thought:

Thus, firewall analyzers are a great gift of modern technology that helps you speed up your business activities and do a lot of other stuff with ease.  With a firewall analyzer, you can find out, map, and migrate network connectivity related aspects. It proactively helps you evaluate business-related risks such as cyberattacks, phishing, malfunction, etc. Moreover, it takes good care of all your network security changes, without letting you worry a bit. In addition, it is also a great time and money saver. With all its works through automation, it helps you save your precious time and money, and invest them in other important works.

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