The First Razer Phone – The Smartphone Everyone Was Waiting For


Everyone were eagerly waiting for the most hyped Razer phone as the phone was meant for gaming & an amazing 120Hz display which was something new for the smartphone market. In the event we got to know everything about the Razer phone, which I have explained you here.

 Let’s see what the Razer phone is all about.

The event started with Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer introducing Razer as a brand and their achievements throughout the years, but what we were interested in was the Razer phone.


It comes with the 5.7- inch 2k Display with the refresh rate of 120Hz with ultra-motion screen & the first phone to come with IGZO display. According to Min-Liang, there is no motion blur with this smartphone & thanks to the ultra-motion technology that allows give motion free gaming experience.


This is what I was really excited for. The Razer phone comes loaded with Snapdragon 835 process & an 8GB RAM where the company claims that the phone outperforms other brands in the market for thermal performance. Overall the specification looks quite decent, but what matter is the software optimization, which we will see when the review of the product is done.


Battery was an important factor as it comes with 120Hz display & a powerful processor. To manage this they have added a 4000mAh battery that provides around 12.3 hours of movies, 63 hours of music playback & 7 hours playing game capability. Along with this they have the new Qualcomm Quick chagrining technology which allows 80% in just one hour.


Having a 2k display & 120Hz display, camera is important too. It comes with a dual 12MP camera along with a seamless zoom to get better image quality even at maximum zoom. Also they will have some amazing camera models in future like slow motion portrait mode and other  which will be updated soon this month. It has an 8MP front camera with wide angel photography.

Look & Design:

The phone looks wide & the 5.7 inch 2k display looks amazing. Also it has a volume controller on the right & a fingerprint sensor on the other side of the phone, which is something new in any smartphone. What I like the most about the phone is the matt finish, which gives the best look & feel about the phone.

What’s more important to know about the Razer Phone is that you can now set custom settings for individual games & save it to play at the same setting every time you reopen the game. Along with that you have Razer boost through which you can stop notifications which playing games. The smartest thing they have done is that they have Stock Android 7.1.1 & Android O is expected in Q1 of 2018.

This phone will be available on sale from November 17th 2017.


Do share us about what you think about the phone.


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