Four Items to Blow Your Travel Budget On


Saving up for a trip is extremely exciting. You’ll have booked your flights months in advance, and you’ll be comparing accommodation options and peering through online tips, and your guide book, in search of tips for what to do when you’re away. And, of course, you’ll be setting aside some cash in order to make your trip as memorable as possible. But there are things that you should simply break your budget for – and that’s what this article is about: when to overlook your budget for the joy of travel.

Adrenaline Sports

There are several different ways in which we recommend you break your budget in an adrenaline sport. For instance, if you happen to be traveling over or past a gorge, and you’re offered a bungee jump, it’s something you should be prepared to pay through the nose for. It’s an experience like no other. The same can be said of a skydive or even scuba diving beneath the sea. These are expensive treats – but they’re completely worth it, and something that’s best enjoyed abroad.

Sunglasses and Hat

While you’re only going to wear each item of clothing once when you travel abroad, you’re likely going to wear your sunglasses and your hat every day. This means that you are within your rights to splash out on both of these items – in order to look the part on your trip while enhancing the practicality of the clothing and accessories that you bring with you on your travels. Look online for the cheapest designer deals – and the most exciting discounts on fashion-house brands – in order to pick up bargains that you can just about afford. Use the budget calculation tool at Cash Lady to work out what you can afford to buy before flying off on your trip.

Hire Car

Are you going on a trip where the roads are long, winding, and exquisite? Have you always wanted to hit out alone and independently in a new country with a stylish car? We all harbor a dream of this kind of travel – and who would we be to advise against getting an open-top sports car for your hire car needs? This is something that you’ll pay a high tariff to use each day but will hugely impact the experience you have as you drive your own route through the country you’ve chosen to visit. USA Today has a quick rundown of the best hire car companies to look for if you’re road tripping in the future.


There is no end to the travel gadgetry available on the market today. From your simple smartphones and portable chargers through to your SLR cameras, GoPro video cameras – useful for those extreme sports – and smartwatches, there’s plenty you should consider buying for your trip. If you’re expecting to hike, you should get a Garmin to watch to help you navigate and track your location. If you’re heading on a peaceful luxury cruise, a high-quality camera will fit the bill. Spend big on gadgetry in order to maximize the pleasure you experience while traveling next year.

These four travel additions are certainly worth breaking your budget to indulge in.

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