FRIBO – A Robotic Technology That Helps Home Alone Be Connected


Researchers from Yonsei University at ACM/IEEE International Conference last month had introduced a new robotic technology “Fribo Robotics technology” to help the home alone stay connected with each other. As said that there are over 5 million people leaving alone in the USA and major population all over ASIA, Fribo will be one of the solutions for them to stay connect.

This new robotic technology notices living noise & assumes what going around to notifying your friends using Fribo on your activities. If you are late home, Fribo Robotics technology will recognize the sound & then will notify to the one awake so that you can communicate. Apart from this the other user can respond to your activity by some sound gesture.

Fribo basically is a social networking robot designed to connect you with other Fribo friend. Fribo currently is in the testing phase & is able to identify just few commands and sound, whereas in coming future we could expect it to respond more real time than just few commands.

One of the Fribo researchers said: “[Fribo] helped break the silence and emptiness I felt at home after work. It is a different experience from the TV because it gives information about my friends’ activities. The robot seems like a living creature.”

This new robotic technology will take an year to get the final sample out as the researches are still working to make it better. If this gets out in the market, I believe this will really be a great medium for communication between two home alone & how practice it will be cannot be calculated now.

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