Fun Dice Games To Play With Family And Friends


Apart from playing some online casino games and getting thrilled by the no deposit bonus codes Canada, there are other exciting games you can play with people you know and derive similar pleasure. Dice games are games suitable for family and friends, and they are great substitutes for video game consoles and other games played on smartphones. This is because they are both simple and a lot of fun. They are games with no age limit– they can be played and enjoyed by an adult or a child. If you’re interested, you need to check out some of the best dice games you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

Dice Games

Dice games are a common and popular type that requires small space and less energy. To play these games, you need your brain, eyes, and obviously, hands. Four players can play a dice game at a go, and every one of them is expected to be active to make the game fun. As a superb game that requires no excessive movement, it can be enjoyed with friends and family. However, it must not be played too often to prevent addiction. if you like to use cryptocurrency not only during your gambling but also in your everyday life it will be interesting to know that the Starbucks app integrates with the Bitcoin wallet.

Dice usually come in the shape of a cube. However, some dice take different shapes based on the number of sides. Some take the shape of a sphere while others the shape of a triangle. Therefore, a dice is called based on the number of sides it has. For example, if a die has six sides, it will be referred to as 6d or a 6-sided die. Other dice side options include d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. 

Types of Dice Faces

Below are the different types of dice faces: 

  • Standard pips: Pips are the standard face type. It’s the round dot patterns that form a number. This type is only available with a 6-sided die. This is because there is no extra room for pips when a die number is more than six. In addition, the face and pips can take any colour and not necessarily white and black.
  • Standard number faces: For this type, the dice sides feature digits and not dots. Standard number faces work for all dice, irrespective of the number of sides.
  • Spindown: This type is only for 20-sided dice. But it should be noted that spindown is different from a 20-sided standard face dice. The numbers on spindowns are laid out, making them appear in sequence order, with the die spinning down from 20 to 1. For standard die, the numbers are laid out, making the opposite side add up to equal the highest die number with the addition of 1.
  • Custom Dice Sides: Custom faces are ideal when dice are not for generating a random number. Here, designs can be engraved, or silk-screened onto the face of the die. 
  • Corners: Selecting squared or rounded corners is an advanced step to specialise dice if a game works best with d6. 

Facts about Dice Games

The world is filled with numerous games that use dice. The fact remains that people often get excited and feel tense when they roll a dice either in the casino or at home at the dinner table with family. Below are some facts you should know about these games: 

  • Dice games have been played for thousands of years. History shows are played in ancient Iran, Rome, and Greece. In fact, people wager more money during gaming sessions compared to how they do today. Besides, research confirms that Roman emperors are lovers of dice games with a high stake. 
  • The etymology of the word “dice” can be traced to French “de” and Latin “datum,” which mean ” something given or played.” The term evolved over the years to become the popular word “dice.”
  • The popular quote by Julius Caesar, “Alea iacta est,” means “When the dice are thrown, there is no turning back.”
  • The opposite sides of a die, when added, are equal to seven. Although there are dice with more or fewer sides, studies show that they are used less.
  • After a player throws a die, it’s considered “pure ” If there is an equal chance that any of its sides will be on top. But 100% even dice is not absolutely possible. 

Reasons for Playing Fun Dice Games

There are several reasons why a lot of people prefer fun dice games to other games. First of all, dice games are a way to promote cognitive skill development, collaboration, group bonding, competition, and keep people engaged. Besides, players can play virtually anywhere (indoors or outdoors) as much as there is a flat surface. 

Another important reason people love playing fun dice games is the fun associated with them. The games make players excited and entertained. For your teens, you can adapt some of these games and make them fun challenges. These games can be played as a competition and turned into serious gaming to add to the fun for both adults and tweens.

The Best Fun Dice Games

Do you seek the perfect dice games that can be fun for you and your friends and family, just as using no deposit bonus codes to compete online in a casino? You should know that there are numerous of them. Below are some of the best fun dice games that people play today:

  • Liar’s Dice. The first on the list is the Liar’s Dice, also referred to as ” Pirate’s Dice.” If you are a fan of Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, you should have noticed that it’s the exact dice game played. Characteristically, Liar’s Dice is fun and can give your family and friends the ultimate thrilling experience. 
  • Bunco. People have been playing Bunco since the 19th century in England. It’s a game that requires no skill but is based solely on luck. Besides, it’s one of the best dice games played in the United States today. 
  • Backgammon. According to research, Backgammon is one of the oldest games worldwide, with over five millennia of history in ancient Persia and Mesopotamia. It’s a game that requires both skill and luck. It’s a fun game. You will want to play with your friends and family. 
  • Sagrada. Sagrada is a fun dice game that involves cards and a special board. It’s beautiful to behold as it is played by using colourful dice to make a stained glass window. In this family game, each move appears a little trickier than the one before.
  • Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is an exciting game featuring a grand adventure packed with intrigue, danger, and hard choices. It’s a fun dice game you can teach your friends and family to share the excitement. 


Fun dice games are available for those that want to spice up the relationship they have with their friends and family and to improve some specific aspects of their lives. With these games, you can easily enhance your social interaction with friends and family, boost communication and social skills, relieve stress, improve problem-solving skills in high-paced situations, and promote a sense of competitiveness and achievement.

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