Games Like PUBG – Get Top 5 PUBG Alternative For Your Mobile Gaming


PUBG Alternative - Games Like PUBG

If you talk about mobile gaming, then PUBG is one name that almost everyone in this fraternity knows about. Soon after the game release, we saw competition launching games like PUBG. Therefore we are here to let you know the list of games similar to PUBG. What made PUBG better is the Map selecting feature making the gamer making gaming easy. The  PUBG Alternative have great potential to be even better than PUBG.

All the games mentioned below are played & tested by us. We make sure that the games that we mention below are either close or better than PUBG. You are open to the discussion in the comment below.

Similar Games Like PUBG 

Below this section, you will get the list of games similar to PUBG. All these games mentioned are played by our experts. Rest assured that the list of PUBG Alternative we have mentioned below is worth playing.

Free Fire

Free Fire is another big name in the mobile gaming industry. This is developed in the Garina studio in 2017 at Unity engine. As of 2020 update, the game has more than a 100 million registration. This makes it as popular as PUBG.

In fact, in the mid of 2019, Free Fire had more users and downloads as compared to PUBG mobile. Similar to PUBG you will have to jump off the plane and kill your enemy.


Fortnite is another popular name not only in mobile gaming but for PC too. This game is developed by Epic Games, and People Can Fly on Unreal Engine 4. Not only that, the game has received several awards making it the best game of the year 2019-20.

In fact, Fortnite has much better graphics and feature to PUBG or Free Fire. All you have to do is get down from the plain and mark your terrorism and kill your enemy.

Apex Legends

If you are bored with PUBG game format and want best PUBG Alternative, but different, then Apex Legends is the game you must try. The game is way to advance than PUBG. Also, it has some amazing gadgets & weapons which is uncommon. Also, the game has some amazing characters.

Apart from all this, you can build your own squad to save your members. Also, some amazing gadgets like scans make it tough for everyone to be safe form you.

Game For Peace

I guess you might be confused by the name. But, if there is someone who has replicated PUBG, then Game For Peace is one of the games for you. This game was developed by Tencent LightSpeed for China after it got banned.

You will the exact same feature as PUBG. In fact, this game is for those who are in China and cannot play PUBG. But, do know that the game is in Chines, which means you might be having a tough time if you are from an English native country.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty is an advanced version of PUBG. The game has some amazing graphics where you will get on the ground as you do in PUBG. But what makes this game better is its customizing options.

In this game, you can customize your weapon, cars & another vehicle along with the characters in the game. In fact, COD has better graphics that PUBG making the gameplay amazing.

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