How to Get Flying Ability in Wow


When World of Warcraft introduced Burning Crusade, it also introduced the power of flying in the edition. The game bestowed its players with the ability to fly if they are enough resources. This superpower first came to the limelight in 2007 when players were exploring the Outland. Players could fly through all the zones using the new skill.

This was not a feature of the World of Warcraft Classic. However, during TBC Classic, it was made possible that if a player has reached level 70, he can touch the skies along. It also means that if a player has enough finances needed to fly, he can turn on the fly mode.

Types of Flying in TBC (The Burning Crusade)

Flying in the TBC needs the player to have level 70 and the required gold. Other than these two, there are no other requirements to stop players from getting winged.

When it comes to flying, there are two types: Normal and epic.

With Normal flying, you become able to speed up your pace by 60 percent. It is a much-needed skill when you are in Outland. However, this also means that you will not be faster. This is especially true if you are traveling in a straight line.

Such flying ability costs you 800 gold; for getting the mount, you need an additional 100 gold.

If you want a serious fly that you can enjoy extremely well, Epic flying is the answer!

This increases your airspeed by 280 percent. However, when you are grounded, the Epic flying limits you to 100 percent speed.

The Epic flying costs you 5,000 gold; to get the mount, you need to spend another 1,000 gold. However, the experience is really worth it for someone who is serious about crossing the skies in a jiffy.

Players often take advantage of the Sepulcher Carry so they can have all the SotFO bosses killed and add some amazing gears to their inventory.

When players are blessed with flying, they can explore the Shadowmoon Valley; they can use the Valley for purchasing the mounts and upgrading their game. This is also cool to refine your skills of flying. There will be many spots available for players to purchase the mounts, such as players flying from Olrokk in Shadowmoon Village can head to Dama Wildmane for the mounts.

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What are the Benefits as a Druid?

If you prefer the most fun classes in WoW, you must have tried Druid. The class lets you become a shapeshifter which is why players always want to try it at least once. However, there is one more benefit to this class, and that is the quick fly ability.

To fly generally in the TBC, a player needs to reach Level 70 and spend 800 gold. However, with Druid, you can unlock the ability at Level 68 for only 8 gold and 10 silver. A druid trainer or a Flight Form helps you purchase the ability.

With Druid, you don’t have to wait for Level 70 or waste 800 Gold; you can unlock a 60-percent speed flight when you are at Level 68. Journeyman Riding is enough for the capability; no Expert Riding is required.

Swift Flight Form is also available while playing the class Druid. It can be unlocked when you play the long quest chain where the first quest is known as “Morthis Whisperwing.”

When you have killed Anzu, it signifies the completion of the quest successfully. Anzu is a summonable boss in Sethekk Halls. Once done, you get the reward of both Swift Flight Form and Charm of Swift Flight.

So this was all about getting the flying ability in The Burning Crusade. For leveling up your game, you can use Sepulcher Carry and have fantastic upgrades.

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