Tips to get Followers from 0 to 10K on Instagram Organic Method


If you have just started your online business, then it can be exciting to plan how you can sell your products through Instagram successfully, after developing a following.

But the reality is, it is the hardest to get your first 10,000 followers. The simple reason being, no one knows who you are!

If you want to hit 10,000 followers in just 6-months, then you should follow this guide. No magical tricks!  Here are some tips to increase Instagram followers.

Tips to get more followers for you on Instagram

  1. Participate in the Instagram Engagement Groups

Ever thought about what people with large Instagram followers do differently? Well, they participate in engagement groups. 

Well joining an Instagram engagement group is tempting as you get a targeted list of followers as per your niche. The strategy is great for entrepreneurs who are just starting on Instagram. 

There are engagement groups for travel, food, fashion etc. And, it will help you gain followers from those with the same interests. And, if you really want to get their attention, then just return the favor by following them back. 

2. Report other Instagram profile’s content for free followers

You can report other people’s content but make sure you give credit to the original image in your description. It will help you get free followers without being flagged. 

Hashtags are a good way to increase your followers. Browse the list of hashtags in trend and use them to increase your followers.

3. Feature on Buzzfeed to increase your followers

Instead of buying Instagram followers us that money at Buzzfeed To increase your Instagram followers, you need to look for options to pave your way into a gigantic audience. Buzzfeed inserts your IG posts into their content like no one else. 

So, experiment with Buzzfeed by moving to its Community section and start posting your content onto its platform. You can use HARO to find out if it is right for your niche or not. 

4. Ask your consumers to share their pictures to boost your followers

Getting followers on your Instagram account gets simpler with customer pictures in your feed. It works as social proof. 

If you are starting fresh, then get in touch with influencers related to your niche below 5000 followers and ask for a promotion, in exchange for a commission, share or free gift. 

You can also offer free gifts to your customers as an incentive in the beginning, but this is definitely not for the long. Also, your engagement with your customers will help you get a good number of followers.

So, if you comment on your customer’s feed, post their content, follow them, interact with them, you will possibly get a follow back. 

Some will also follow you after tagging you.

5. Acquire followers having a consistent style

Having a steady theme or style works as a branding play. It means your followers know what to expect from your account and your potential followers can count on it. They want to see similar content, daily. 

So, if you maintain consistency with your posts, you are likely to notice a faster growth in your followers. It will also foster loyalty and trust in your brand. 

6. Make use of hashtags to gain followers

You can put around 30 hashtags on your post. If your aim is to increase visibility, then the simplest way to do it is by adding more hashtags. If your hashtags are related to a niche, your chance of finding a relevant audience is more. 

So, never use generic hashtags like #love or #pictureoftheday, when you are selling beauty products. 

7. Make use of location tags to gain followers from your close proximity

You can make your post discoverable by tagging your location. It states your city or venue where the picture or image was taken. So, a local businessman can use geotags to make it simpler for people to find their brand and follow them. 

8. Insert your IG posts on your blog

If you have a blog page, you can embed your IG pictures on your site. Over time, the traffic of your blog will start checking out your Instagram account too.

9. Follow people who compete on Instagram pages

Know your biggest competitors on Instagram, browse their posts, follow them and engage with them. Make sure you start with the smaller brands. Because if you are selling makeup brushes and trying to engage people who comment on Mac, then they are not the right audience for you, regardless of the similar niche.

10. Join hands with influencers

A shoutout from an influencer can boost your followers instantly. A shoutout from an influencer with good following will result in gaining new followers and possibly a sale for you.

11. Organize giveaways to increase your followers

Organizing giveaways will help you get a bigger reach. If your audience size is small, choose Facebook groups and other social networks to spread the word about your promotion. Though not targeted it will definitely help you get new IG followers.

The customer who wins can post pictures on your Instagram accounts. Giveaways are a good way to gain more followers. 

12. Go for partnerships

If you want to grow your followers on Instagram, then partner with another brand. It will help you grow your fan base organically. 

13. Make IG guides to attract new followers

Instagram Guides help you share education and fun content with your followers. You can share them in DMs or through stories. If people share your guide, then it will appear in the feeds of a lot of people.

14.Use Instagram Analytics tools

The Analytics offer details about your following. Information like engagement rate, Instagram new followers and unfollowers, inactive accounts can be acquired. Some of the tools you can use are Keyhole, Socialbakers, Sprout Social, etc.

Instagram Followers Apps

You can use risk-free methods to boost your Instagram followers with automation tools like HubSpot, Buffer, and Hootsuite. 

You can also use Follower Plus (iOS), Unfollowers and Ghost Followers (Android), and Followers Track for Instagram (iOS) to improve your follower count. 

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