Getting that perfect makeup mirror for that stunning look



Looking good is good business, little wonders even a nun wants to look dazzling and tantalizing. You can never underestimate the power of an enchanting first impression. 

In modern culture, the greatest looks aren’t always the most natural looks.  

For some of the most beautiful celebrities we drool about relentlessly, they would lose a considerable chunk of their attractive prowess if they were to step out makeup-free. 

Therefore, it is a common truth that your elegance and facial appeal as a lady is now decided by how perfectly you get your makeup. 

To get that perfect makeup, you would need a makeup mirror for sure.  From the lightest shade on your cheekbone to the application of your eye cream, you need a good makeup mirror to hit it right. Countless women now prefer lighted makeup mirrors.  

However, arriving at the best choice of a lighted makeup mirror requires a bit of tact and keenness for details. Several factors like functionality, magnification, compatibility, and size will rightly influence your selection. Also, you would have to consider the illumination power of the makeup when lighting is poor.

Now, let us help you select that perfect lighted makeup mirror that enables you to dazzle with your makeup. What factors should you be looking at?

First, how clear is the mirror? 

The clarity of the reflection of your mirror is a critical consideration to make. Many people battle with unevenly applied makeup due to the poor clarity of their makeup mirror.  

How about the lighting?

The ideal mirror should boast “non-interruptive” lighting. This means the light this mirror emits shouldn’t distort your real image or reflection. Such lighting will be beneficial in attaining the perfect hue. LED vanity mirror is an excellent choice in this regard. 

Preferably, go with lighted makeup mirrors which come with a light setting that can replicate evening shades or office lighting. With the appropriate magnifying mirror, you can enjoy a more accurate view of how your makeup is going, especially with your LED vanity mirror.  

This brings us to how to obtain the appropriate magnifying mirror

For lighted makeup mirrors, standard magnification levels range from 5x to 15x. The size of the field of view increases with reducing magnification level. Therefore if your lighted makeup mirror has a magnification level 5x, you can be expecting a field of view of size 1.5″.

You can now see why makeup mirrors with high magnification levels are not befitting for the application of your makeup. This is because of the consequent unwanted image modification or distinction which hampers you from having a complete view of your face.  The magnification level is also reliant on your eyesight. 

For best results, you should not wear glasses when using higher level magnifying makeup mirrors. For those with no eye conditions, makeup mirrors with 5x magnification levels are optimal. This reduces the menace of image distortion, allowing you to have a more accurate and closer view of your face. 

Beauty is one of the most powerful assets you can have as a lady. Make sure you are fully furnished with it using the best-lighted makeup mirrors you can get. A good place for such an exquisite collection of mirrors is Fifth and Ninth. Looking like an angel has never been easier! 

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