Google announced to withdraw Google Earth API next year -Dec-12- 15


Recently, Google announced on their GoogleDevelopers Blog that, they will deprecate the Google API from December 12, 2015, next year. The reason behind this being Chrome and Firefox  current announcement to remove the NPAPI plugin framework support with which the Google Earth is built.

They said: 

After careful consideration, we have decided to retire the Google Earth API. Per our deprecation policy, the API will be supported until one year from today and will be turned off on December 12, 2015.

Until December 2015, only the latest latest version browser supporting NPAPI plugin will allows Google Earth. Here are the list of browsers that will be supporting the Google Earth.

  • For Windows PC (Windows XP,  and Windows Vista 7 and 8) :
    • (32-bit) Google Chrome v5.0 – 39.0
    • (32-bit) IE v7-v9 and version 10 and 11.
    • Firefox 11.0 to 34.0
  • Mac (Any Intel Mac) (OS X 10.6 and above)
    • (32-bit) Google Chrome 5.0-39.0
    • Safari Version after 3.0
    • Firefox 11.0-34.0

We still have it available the Google Earth For Android Devices.

Later they added:

3D is in our blood, and while we can’t announce anything just now, we look forward to sharing more exciting product news in the future.

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