Here’s Why You Should Convert an Image in JPG to a PDF

Why You Should Convert an Image in JPG to a PDF
Why You Should Convert an Image in JPG to a PDF

The Portable Document Format, widely known as PDF is one of the most popularly used file formats all over the world. One of the reasons behind its popularity is that the PDF format is capable of overcoming a number of problems that are seen in other file formats.

While dealing with digital images, the most common form used is JPG. But, have you ever thought of converting an image in JPG to a PDF? The PDF converted from a JPG image will allow you to re-purpose the digital images. Here are some of the reasons why you must convert an image in JPG to a PDF.

PDFs require lesser storage space

A PDF file will need a lot less space on your hard disk than a JPG file. The size of a JPG highly depends on the resolution of the image. Even when you scale down the resolution, the size doesn’t reduce significantly. Not to forget scaling down the quality can create a problem when the image contains icons, symbols or text.

The JPEG format also gained popularity because it can be efficiently compressed. It’s true you can get the file in a really small size, but you would still have to compromise with the quality. The image becomes lousy. It cannot be expanded or scaled up without it looking out of focus.

Converting a jpg image to a PDF will be more convenient. No matter how much you enlarge your PDF file, it will look sharp and clear with every single detail visible.

The PDFs are universally accepted

The idea behind PDF was to present a document that could perfectly put across your content independent of the application software, operating system, and hardware. Wherever you open a PDF file, it looks the same.

A shared PDF will have the same style, same format and the same quality on every device, everywhere. So, even if you need to send a PDF on the other side of the globe, you don’t need to think about whether the receiver is operating on an iOS or a MAC. You don’t have to worry whether the file is being viewed on a smartphone or a computer.

This is why the PDF file format has become the industry standard for viewing and printing of data. The scalability of a JPG image file also creates some issues while printing. This is another reason why you must convert an image in JPG to a PDF.

Other benefits

A PDF can contain interactive elements such as hyperlinks. The viewer can easily open a link you included in the PDF by simply clicking on it. A PDF can be encrypted with a password to keep it safe from the prying eyes of an unauthorized person. Hence, any confidential information is best stored and shared in the form of a PDF.

A PDF can be optimized for the Web allowing it to open immediately after downloading. It is the ideal document choice in today’s fast-paced and demanding business world.

How to convert an image in JPG to a PDF?

A few years back, converting an image in JPG to a PDF seemed like a challenge. A high-end professional software was required to be installed on your device. But today, converting any image like JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP into a high-quality PDF is as easy as handling a Word document.

You can not only convert an image to PDF but also integrate multiple images into a single PDF. Both Mac and Windows computers have built-in software which allow you to convert a JPG file to a PDF. However, if you are using a smartphone, you may need to take some help from a third-party app. Also, there are hundreds of online conversion websites that can help you create a PDF on your browser itself.

If you wish to convert multiple JPG images into a single PDF file, you would first need to paste all the required images in a word document. Now you just need to send the document to a PDF format under the print menu.



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