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Filmora video editor is ultimate video editing software which enables you to take your editing game to the next level. If you want to attain pinpoint accuracy regarding all the minor aspects of video editing then Filmora is the go-to Application. It empowers your videos of all sorts to a professional level with all the modifications that else would require hours of struggle and the use of many hectic and difficult-to-use software. All the features are easy to operate and can be mastered with the use of only a few minutes. That is why Filmora has gained impressive customer support and an unending list of remarkable reviews.

This multi-purpose video editing software comes with a fully stacked feature set and its amazing functionality makes your tasks easier. The master video editing app Filmora is a suitable app for video editing of all ranges as it has the best form of compiled features including the basic and more complicated ones.

Wondershare Filmora: Top Class Video Editing Software - Opptrends 2021

Filmora video editor is ideal for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. The intuitive interface makes it easier for new users to open tools and add effects to the video. Filmora video editor is highly recommended as it is easy to use and unlike other apps, you don’t have to pay to use it.  It offers you multiple tools which are enough for beginners. 

  1. Green Screen 

Chromakey (green screen) is a special effect of this online free video editor. A green screen allows you to design the background according to your desire. You can add graphics of your own choice, create scenarios, add sound effects, and make a whole film on the green screen. Green screen is super-beneficial for making horror videos or interview clips. Green screens look quite attractive when replaced by plain backgrounds. One can make YouTube videos for news channels with plain backgrounds. 

  1. Audio Mixer

An audio mixer is a perfect tool for adjusting multiple audios in a single video. You can choose to enhance a sound and nullify the frequency of others. This feature assists to adjust the sound timing of each voice in the video. 

  1. Pan and Zoom 

Another feature of pan and zoom footage to capture a moment is worth mentioning. You can zoom out video without burst of pixels and focus on a single footage. This best video editing software allows you to zoom out an image to make it a central focus. 

  1. Advanced Text Editing

The advanced form of text editing adds up life to dull texts. You can easily add and change the colors, animations, size, and font of the text. 

  1. Color Tuning 

Color tuning adds up a very balanced light effect to the video. It minimizes sharp bright lights from the screen and evens the exposure of bright light on the screen. 

  1. Screen Recording 

A screen recorder is used to share information as proof. Whatever a computer shows, to share every bit of it using a screen capturing recorder is called screen recording. This best video editor for mac/windows both has this effect. 

  1. Auto Equalizer

Auto equalizer fine-tunes the audio effects and sounds of the video by adjusting their frequencies. It automatically manages the EQ curve of sound to make the sound of the video a stable harmonic. It eliminates noise and echoes from the video and clarifies every single voice by enhancing the quality of sound.  

  1. Video Stabilization 

One of the common issues faced while video shooting and eventually editing is the shaking of video graphics. This results in poor quality footage that looks unprofessional. With the video stabilization feature of Filmora, the users can turn their shaky videos into smooth and even layouts. This automatic feature will analyze the video you selected and then stabilize the targeted video with precision. The bonus point of this feature is that the targeted video is auto-stabilized and you don’t have to use those raw and shaky clips to your finalized videos.

  1. Split Screen 

Another noteworthy feature that comes built in with the app is its split screen feature. With this innovation you can manage the frame edition of your video clips into the main video. The split screen button in Filmora video editor allows you to cut your video at any minute of time and at any point to merge it according to your choice. So you can select that where the frame would end or start in your video. Split screen feature comes with a collection of more than thirty layouts allowing you to choose six different videos playing simultaneously.

Even if you’re a beginner at video editing you can get easy access to all features without any training. Due to this convenience, the app has been topping the list of the best video editors for years.


Filmora videos Editor-free version is full of fundamental effects and features. One can design a creative video only with the help of one software. This best video editor is high in demand and mostly recommended by professionals because it has all the features that a highly paid graphics software has. You can make countless designs using the tools. You can change the functions of tools by mixing the effect of both. You can enhance the picture quality, sounds, and graphics of the video. In this digital era, everyone wants to be a designer, and filmora allows you to become one. 

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