How AI is Revolutionizing Email Marketing


The world of email marketing has progressed a lot over the years and in the present day, it is way more sophisticated than it used to be. This has a lot to do with Artificial Intelligence. Both mailbox providers and spammers rely greatly on Artificial Intelligence to do their work.

AI is Revolutionizing Email Marketing

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An average mailbox service like Gmail, Yahoo etc uses a plethora of AI to detect whether a mail is spam or not, before delivering it to your inbox. Also, AI is not only used to determine spam messages but helps in significantly improving email marketing.

Email marketing is a huge market and a lot of people still rely on email as a source of marketing. Use of AI and email marketing offers huge leverage and assists in deriving higher conversion rates and sales. Let us take a look at how AI is revolutionizing the Email Market in the present day.


Research conducted on email marketing has found that the more personalized an email is, more are the chances of click-through rates. When it comes to hyperpersonalization, it simply doesn’t mean personalizing emails per segment list. To obtain a hyperpersonalized experience, marketers need to collect tons of data, so as to understand the behavior of the mail recipients. You can head to any email database to get a list of companies and thus help collect your necessary data.

Now, Artificial Intelligence comes into play here. AI uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the data and predict the most probable outcome. This helps in realizing the market trends and offers email marketers with vital clues and important insights that can help them strategize their email marketing campaign.

Detect Best Time to Send Emails for Increased Open Rates

There is very little time within which you can catch a potential client’s attention through email. So you cannot risk that opportunity by sending the right email but at the wrong time. Sending a number of emails to multiple customers at the same time is not going to help your business.

Sending the right mail to the right person at the right time is the only way you will increase in your open rates. AI algorithms are used to send emails to different customers when they are most likely to open that email. AI analyzes the behavior of the potential client and based on their email activity, predicts the time when they are most likely to check these mails and thereby increasing the Open rates.

Increase Email Conversion Through Personalized Recommendations

Personalized product recommendations are a sure fire way to increase the click-through rates and thereby increasing sales. But to hand pick products suitable for each customer is not humanely possible. But AI algorithms can do that for you. These algorithms analyze data, which includes customers’ past behaviors, purchase history and activity and generate personalized recommendations for each customer. These targeted product recommendations result in increased CTR and sales.

Email Content

A very significant part of email marketing is the content. Content includes multiple things from the subject headings to the email body and even images and layout. Traditional marketing follows a combination of all these elements to derive the best possible outcome.

But do this manually, is high time to consume and prone to multiple errors. It is where AI cues in. AI technology helps detect the best content combination, which will lead to the best performance. Using the right AI tool can generate the winning combinations for each individual segment delivery.

Final Words

With the integration of AI and email marketing is no longer limited to the rule-based operation but has evolved into a more sophisticated and personalized. AI has definitely changed the email marketing scene for the better.

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