How Can Core Compressions Help in the Treatment of Diastasis Recti?


Treatment of Diastasis Recti

After having a baby, you will enter a transformational time called “Postpartum.” A common postpartum body problem that no one talks about openly is Diastasis Recti, resulting from the abdominal muscles stretching and separating into their usual places as the baby is no longer in your abdomen. It may sound a little scary, but in general, 1 in 2 women experience this condition in their lifetime.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body does a lot of amazing things to provide for the baby. The reason is when the left and right abdominal muscles become weak and stretch to the side in pregnancy. Plenty of changes still happen after the pregnancy inside the body. For supporting your body at this time, core compressions are a better option to strengthen the pelvic floor, diaphragm, abdominal wall, and other muscles. 

How to Know If I Have This Condition?

Abdominal separation doesn’t happen immediately after pregnancy because even after no longer having a baby in your belly, you will look about seven months pregnant. Most of the weight comes from the enlarged uterus, which shrinks eventually to its normal size. 

But after a couple of months, even after exercising regularly and having a balanced diet, you still have the same tummy pouch, which is when you might have Diastasis Recti.

How Can I Heal It?

The key to fix this condition and improve your core health depends on the appropriate training of the abdominal muscle. A specialized exercise program helps women engage those muscles with the right breathing techniques and pelvic floor activation. This also optimizes the therapeutic effect of these core exercises and core compressions. The detailed coaching and videos help a member perform these exercises in a wide array of body sequences and positions. 

These workouts are highly recommended as they incorporate a healthy core engagement into daily activities. The program streams online and is available on mobile apps as well. The ten minutes of the core compressions are recommended as a regular prescription to prevent further or heal diastasis recti. The full-body workouts are incorporated two to four times a week, and it ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. 

Devoting your full focus while performing these therapeutic exercises can bring faster results. It is incredible how just ten minutes of daily core compressions can do for your body. Measurable changes are visible within weeks. This muscle activation helps in protecting the integrity of the abdominal wall during pregnancy and afterward as well. It works perfectly to restore your strength, form, and function.

When Shall I Start?

The first step would be consulting with your doctor to understand if your body is ready for an exercise regime. Usually, it is better to wait for at least six weeks post-pregnancy. After your doctor’s approval and when you feel ready, get to the work. You can Get More Info on core compressions and other workouts which can help you in the treatment of Diastasis Recti. Patients with mild diastasis can improve their muscles and lessen separation with regular exercise. 

Getting your old body back doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym to transform your body into a better shape. It’s all about doing the right exercises at the right time in the correct way. 

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