How Different Types of Videos Can Benefit Your Business


People are getting busier by the minute. As such, it’s become essential to grab their attention and get your message out. Videos are a great way to do that, but you must be careful with creating this content. The key is to represent some added value for consumers. Below in this article, we will cover How Different Types of Videos Can Benefit Your Business.

How Different Types of Videos Can Benefit Your Business
How Different Types of Videos Can Benefit Your Business

Aside from the fact that interactive content brings a higher conversion rate, it makes web browsers love you. The animations on your website increase the time visitors spend there. It signals to search engines that you have high-quality content.

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You should know that there are different types of videos you can use for online promotion. They are not universal, but each has a specific purpose. They should convey your message in a way that is acceptable to the audience.

Live-Action Recordings

Live-action is a short recording, often between thirty seconds and two minutes long. Their purpose is to explain your product, service, or brand in an engaging and friendly way.

These videos are quick-moving, straightforward, and usually have a professional, conversational spokesperson. Some of them may even have sound effects that make them seem like they are coming from an actual documentary. This type of content for your marketing strategy will help you attract new customers through something similar to word-of-mouth advertising. If you use live-action with a good title and a compelling call to action, you will likely generate more sales and leads.

Don’t think of live-action as another method for creating a commercial. Instead, you should use this content to provide solutions to customers’ problems or give them information and help. This type of content is the best for tutorials and how-tos. Engaging a real person is an excellent thing to awake empathy and interest in viewers.

Make Users Feel Welcomed

Introduction recordings are a great way to start communication with visitors from the moment they came to your website. A real person who ‘introduces’ customers to your business makes people feel a natural connection with you and your brand. It’s more effective interaction than making visitors read texts, statistics, or see images.

Live-action will trigger people to interact with you. You can further enhance the level of communication by adding a call-to-action button within the recording – for example, to go directly to the catalog of products or services.



Did you watch cartoons as kids? Well, animations are something like cartoons for grown-ups. Animated content is something that most people consider funny and engaging. You can visit this page to find out why animations are a ‘must-have’ for your marketing strategy. Their purpose is to entertain and awake an interest in the audience, especially if they portray something they can see in the real world.

Use animated videos for your marketing strategy to captivate and inform your audience. These can be made as 2D or 3D animations with voiceover. These are great for introducing the customers to some extra features of your product or explaining the benefits of using your services.

This type of content for your marketing strategy is especially effective when you have a concrete example to illustrate or explain. It’s better than simply telling your audience something. Graphics in motion may also be used for testimonials, as they provide an easy way for your customers to get a feel for your business.

Typography Videos

This type of video is very simple. It blends words and motion, which makes it especially attractive for people who are visual types but also react to textual content. If you’ve ever searched for the lyrics of a song, you’ve probably come across a video like this on YouTube.

Sound can be implemented in these videos, but this content is effective without it. The only thing that really matters is the way the words move and appear on the screen. Depending on that, typography videos can create a whole spectrum of emotions in the viewers. Plus, these animations are super easy to make.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Interactive marketing is a great way to get your business noticed. In order to build up brand awareness and create that sense of reliability and trust with your audience, you must be closer to them. As most of them use social media, you have to be there, too.

But having a fan page or an account is not enough. You need interactive content to get a better position in a crowded online community. When using live stream, you broadcast it on social media or your own website. 

It’s vital that you get this content found and that the audience you’re targeting is seen in them. That’s how the viewer will connect with your brand and create that sense of reliability and trust. You’ll find this content quite helpful when you need to announce an event, promotion, or anything important for your business or brand. 

Whiteboard Animations

A whiteboard video is similar to an explainer video. Its subject is an artist making graphics and recording that process. Instead of using text, this video uses a virtual whiteboard to explain ideas or show how a particular product or service can benefit someone. 

This content also provides a way to draw attention to a particular problem. That’s why you can usually see them as ‘how-to’ videos. If you think of doing this, adding a voiceover will bring extra benefits. It’s better than mere text as it keeps the viewers’ attention.

A great benefit of whiteboard videos is that they are easy to produce. There are many whiteboard video templates that you can use free of charge. But you can also find great software for a low price that makes the whole process much easier. Even if you have no clue about graphic design and wonder ‘what is a whiteboard video,’ you can make great animation for your marketing strategy.

The importance of video marketing is growing on a daily basis. Not because it’s a trend, but because it shows promising results. Suppose you own a business and want to reach the audience. You need to be outstanding and memorable. In that case, it’s advisable to consider including interactive content in your promotion.

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